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March 27, 2022

Deep Erotic Experience

There are moments of Erotic experience, moments of deep pleasure, moments of sexual energy, moments of intimacy, moments of the heart, moments of the body, that have no words.

They’re sacred moments, moments of an open heart.

Moments that show how vast the space of the heart is.

Moments that arise from deep within us.

Moments of eyes, of breath, of touch.

Deep moments.

That are changing the way I work, and the experiences I share, and will soon start teaching.

To go deep we need time, and in a world that is more and more immediate, and overloaded with stimulation we don’t often give ourselves the time, and time is essential.

Time to connect.

To sit opposite each other, to look into each other’s eyes.

To settle into seeing, into being seen.

To meet each other in this gaze.

Without words.

Time to sit, belly to belly, heart to heart.

To feel skin, body, a heartbeat.

To soften into holding, into being held.

Skin to skin, there’s a conversation that happens.

Our bodies need time, quiet, to listen.

For the noise of the world to drift away.

Time to breathe.

To drop into the presence that breath brings. To drop into the presence that the touch of a body brings.

Time to drop into the connection that breathing in unison brings.

Time to drop into intimacy.

So much happens there, in the space between us.

And it takes time for us to open to each other.

Time for us to allow each other in, receive each other.

Time for our bodies to begin to release the tension that has sat within us for so long.

Tension in our muscles, joints, organs fascia, energy.

The tension of holding on, withholding, blocking.

The tension of the hurts, the pain, all that’s happened to us, all that we’ve experienced.

It needs time.

We need time.

And then we need time to touch.

Time to relax.

Time for the body to soften, to open.

Time for the energy to build.

And to go to the depths, the heights, the experiences that we know are within us, takes time.

This time requires presence from us.

It requires us to drop any outcome, a performance, a goal.

It requires us to connect deeply with our partner, whatever the context is.

It requires us, as givers, facilitators, whatever role you’re in, to be vulnerable, open, to listen to the body, listen from the heart, listen with our body.

It requires us to drop deep into ourselves. This experience, this touch, this energy, comes from inside of us.

We need to be this, in this moment, with everything we are.

In time, it becomes such a different way of doing this work, for want of a better word.

It comes from our own inner journey.

You can only learn it by practicing it, it’s not information, it’s not words, it’s not in the head.

It’s inside of us.

We can only learn it from our own hearts, our own willingness to go to the places inside us where we can meet another in all they are.

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