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March 4, 2022

The Possibilities of Sexual Energy

Photo by Uzunov Rostislav on Pexels.

I’m preparing for a series of workshops where the focus is on the experience of sexual energy.

The experience is really the thing, that’s where the juice is, is in the body.

We learn in 2 ways.

The first is through the mind.

We learn concepts and ideas.

We analyse, we explain, we compare, we dissect, we discuss, we think, we comment, we find different perspectives.

It’s about the mind, wonderful minds we have.

It’s also from the neck up, and often dry, theoretical.

The other way we learn is through experience.

In the body.

Feelings, sensations.



This is where the wholeness lies, this is where the wisdom is.

This is where the Heart is.


We move from information to knowing.

And in deep knowing there often are no words.

We know.

As much as we might read about sexual energy, as much as we might read about the healing possibilities, the pleasure possibilities, the creative possibilities, the vitality, the life-force, the intimate possibilities, the spiritual possibilities, it’s only in the experience that these become realised, embodied, felt, known.

In the body we explore, we discover.

In the body we drop through the layers from intensity to subtlety.

In the body, in the energy channels, we feel, we sense.

In the body we expand.

In the body we become present.

In the body we become aware.

In the body we become still, quiet.

In the body we feel.

The body is where the energy and pleasure entwine to take us higher, deeper. To dance with each other in an expression of cosmic bliss.

The body is where the ecstasy is.

And our sexual energy, expressed in conscious pleasure, is the pathway.

In the experience and expression of all of our senses, our feelings, our hearts.

In our gaze, in our words, in our voice, in our touch, in our breath.

In our eyes, our ears, mouths, hands, noses, skin, blood, nerves, muscles, bones.

In all of us, sexual energy flows.

And in our pleasure, we feel the energy inside of us, we feel the vitality.

Pleasure is a portal to the energy, and the higher the energy, the deeper the pleasure. And the higher the pleasure the deeper the energy.

It’s when we begin to see our sexual experiences as energy experiences that it begins to expand within us.

When we free ourselves from the patterning, the conditioning, around sex and pleasure.

When we understand that there is so much more than contractive orgasm.

When we understand what it is to be orgasmic.

When we understand how important the heart is.

When we understand where the sacred is.

When we understand that there are worlds of possibility.

There are many ways to experience this, our sexual energy, and to make it a part of our lives.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you, in Johannesburg and Cape Town, Water Flow Massage, Expanded Energy Orgasm, Taoist Sexual Energy Massage, in the coming weeks.


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