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April 1, 2022

‘If I HAD A VOICE’ (From the ghost of a colonial past)

You see.. your not better than me, I-not better than you. I know, whether you choose to accept this or not, you’ll always see me as.. the other. Different in the negative sense. Lets be real, You’ll always look at me with a smaller pupil. Yeah- I’ll never be the same as your brethren. Huh? Fundamentally- we are not worse or better than each other. We are both as good and as bad as one and other. Or as you see it.. in your supremacist ways.. I’m worse than you, either way right? and your better than me!? How can this be? We are both surviving on this earth and taking on everyday, and I’m.. not.. better.. than.. you! For this, nor-you-better-than-me! You hear me? Give me some logic to your realm?! Please. JUST-A-BIT? Keep your hands to yourself. If you don’t want me to breathe, then you should not breathe. You want to choke me? it is only fair that the same happens to you. Your frowning?! Whats your excuse now? What.. you think.. you can get away with it!? You wanna get away with it!? Come back here. Come face me. Lets talk it out, I’m non violent. But you think it is okay to be violent and careless towards me? Cos- I’m the ‘other’ one the ‘black’ one, or ‘coloured’ or how the ancient colonialists would call me “The Negro” or “The Moor”.

This is beyond sickness, or plain ignorance. This is microscopic hatred…. plus superiority complex, plus tribalism, plus deep arrogance. Also, white fascism- under the skin narcissism. Listen. Here. Go on…Shake my hand and just try.. to give me a genuine smile. Just try it. Huh? Then okay. We can part ways. I mean..what do you say?

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