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April 1, 2022


Im just listening.

I pass into the next day like the water ripples into its pools. In amnesia. The flame is gone. Yet I will run, run, run, never stop. Im still breathing.

I forgot my line, I needed to write. But I ll just keep listening. In the spectacles, it is cloudy and worthless and dreary to me. Is the world I see.

And Im just listening.

I hope the next day, I can bare it by. Life is nor what it seems to be but I keep burning by. Life is what you make it to be. We are chained to a rhythm we can’t see. I am calling. Can you hear me?

And Im just listening.

I get these ideas, bothering me. Thoughts. Everytime! Even when I’m resting.
Seems to me this life, is a endless horizon. Of tastelessness.

And Im just listening.

I call out to my lord. I pray. I reach my hands out to the sky, with no light. Oh God. Oh God. I’m just baring by. I ask my self, are angels with me. Yes. I’m still breathing. Everything seems to me like nothing. And I am calling. God only knows how tiring this journey is for me. Yet. I’m still crawling.

And I’m just listening.

Stuck in a arduous tune, like a repetitive melody. And I’m simply listening. Stuck in it’s harmony, its ringing in my head like some video recording.

Onwards I open my curtain. I need to move on. Im keeping on. Moving. Locked in lacking insight. And I’m still listening.

Stuck in this mad jungle of a place.

I’m still listening.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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