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April 3, 2022

The Conscious Erotic

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.

There is a moment, a Divine Erotic Moment.

A Conscious Erotic Moment.

It could be with my face in your neck, breathing your scent in, feeling the soft warmth of the curve there.

It could be with my hand wrapped in your hair, pulling your head back, opening your throat to my mouth.

It could be the rope you’re trailing over my body and the exquisite sensation of aliveness on my skin.

It could be with my teeth in the flesh of your shoulder, the fire in my body, in my mouth.

It could be my mouth close to your ear, and the words I whisper.

It could be our eyes, what we see in the moment of gazing, what we see as we travel the curves of our bodies.

It could be the silence of a moment.

It could be a dance, slow, entwined, flowing into, over each other, or a driving rhythm, sweaty, wet, hard.

It could be sitting, heart to heart, belly to belly, still, quiet, peaceful, one.

It could be…

So many things.

Gentle, soft, hard, fire, tender.


Sensual, of all our senses.

Creative, endlessly so.

Vital, juicy, hot, slow, fast, hard.

It’s all there.

In Conscious Erotic Touch.

There’s a conversation in this touch, of our bodies, our hearts, and more.

For the Erotic is a language expressed in and through our senses.

It’s the language of The Erotic Present.

Awareness in the moment.

In the body.

In where we’re touching, in whatever way we’re touching.

In the point of contact.

In the intimacy.

In having no self, simply sensation, feeling, energy.

A still point.

In The Conscious Erotic is a world, an endless world, that is a path to presence, to awareness in our bodies, through our senses.

Through our pleasure.

Through the touch of our skin, the stroke, the caress, the kiss, the bite, the word, the breath.

All of it.

And in this moment, bringing ourselves, us, into presence, in our bodies, through our bodies, the sensation, we drop into the sacred dance of passion.

There’s a pulsation in the Erotic.

The energy of life.

Throbbing, quivering, trembling.

Long, slow waves rolling through us from far out in the ocean of sensation.

A fast, faster, faster, beat, a fire burning us to an explosion of pleasure.

The subtle heartbeat of the earth we feel only in the stillness of an embrace.

The Conscious Erotic is a path to presence.

A way to lose ourselves in touch, in sensation, in feeling.

A moment of limitless possibility.

It’s there, within us, all of us.

In our surrender to the Erotic we discover ourselves, again and again, we discover passion, love, creativity.



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