May 17, 2022

50 Questions that have Rented Space in my Head for Too Long.


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Everything around us is a mirror of how we think.

In every happening, we ask ourselves how this relates to us. Every book we read is a journey to find pieces of ourselves in it. In every smile, we seek to identify with the reason behind it.

And I’m not sure whether this is something good or bad, but beyond dualities in this materialistic world, I assume it’s what helps us march further.

The comparisons we make and the metaphors we use to explain the swarming of our race give sense to our lungs expanding and shrinking millions of times until they cease to do so. The pieces of what we make are coming together because nothing is useless but giving sense to all of it alone is impossible.

As my mind stretches to comprehend the vastness of possibilities out there, it shrinks back to laziness and is depleted of the motivation to do. Where do I find it again? Do I steal it? Do I search for it in other people’s words, or do I seek for it within? I believe we’re all unique, and I like being practical about it, but when it comes to writing, I’m so much more abstract than I would ever want to be.

At the end of the day, I push myself with some of the most challenging questions I have no answers to yet. But I don’t have to wait for the end of the day, so I’m putting some of them out in the world to clear my mind. Laying them out to all of you makes me feel much better:

1. How do I gain full control over my mind? 

2. Can I alter my future into what I want to if I don’t know what I want? 

3. Is my intuition strong enough to make me good enough? 

4. How do I find the strength to detach myself to the point that I’m only my original self? 

5. Is there a source from which we obtain knowledge that I can get access to? 

6. Why do we wait for painful events to wake us up? 

7. Is writing dusting off my thought machinery? 

8. Why doesn’t everyone write? 

9. Why is it so hard to persuade people? 

10. Do we have supernatural powers hidden within us? 

11. Is the world an illusion? 

12. Is ego bad? 

13. Is what we preach our greatest struggle as well? 

14. What could unify us regardless of different perspectives? 

15. Do synchronicities, like 11:11, mean anything? 

16. Is our mind just a tool and our body a servant to it, and if we want to, can both of them serve our soul? 

17. Why does journaling feel like you’re walking naked in front of a thousand people? 

18. Can a silent mind be trained to speak more? 

19. Is the third eye that hard to open, and why does it fall asleep again? 

20. What’s God doing now? 

21. What is silence? 

22. Can our minds be truly quiet? 

23. Why are we obsessed with stories? 

24. Can we learn to craft good stories, and should we? 

25. Can we feel lost when we have things somehow figured out? 

26. How do eclipses affect us? 

27. Why do we enclose ourselves in the same shell we did during our childhood years even if we’ve gone through healing?

28. Is the world really round? 

29. What’s the Illuminati planning next? 

30. Why do we have so many questions? 

31. Does uselessness exist, and if so, what exactly is it? 

32. Can we produce a greater good than the one we can comprehend? 

33. Why is this list getting so long? 

34. Are we all writers? 

35. Is the world in crisis? 

36. Will we go through an apocalypse soon? 

37. How many people are needed in the world to make a difference? 

38. Why do we crave something better, and then when we get it, we want something more? 

39. Where do ideas come from? 

40. Why don’t people observe themselves more? 

41. Who invented words? 

42. Is life a waste if it serves as a lesson to someone? 

43. Is this all a game? 

44. Would we all be better off if we had similar purposes? 

45. Is our mind the darkest corner of the earth? 

46. Is time an illusion? 

47. Why do we need other people to encourage and make us feel complete? And if we’re all just pieces of an enormous puzzle, what forms at the end? 

48. Can courage be taught? 

49. Is lack of awareness the greatest obstacle to humankind’s evolution and peace? 

50. Will we ever be able to control our emotions thoroughly? 

I’m feeling somehow relieved. Now I just have to find the answers. If you feel inclined to provide some, don’t hesitate to.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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