June 13, 2022

Tinderrr! 11 Red Flags you don’t want to Read in someone’s Online Dating Bio.

10 Things we don’t want to read in a Dating Profile.

“If you can’t handle my at my diddliest, you don’t deserve me at my doodliest.” ~ via this Reddit thread. 

Be-aware: 10 Red Flags you’ll find in plenty of Dating Profiles. It’s helpful to be open-minded, when dating. It’s also helpful to be discerning. This is vajra: an ability to separate the wheat from the chaff, the drama from the vulnerability.

1. “Drama queen.”

Look, we all eff up, pout, rage, tantrum. But bragging about it is…not a good thing. Not a attractive. Not magnetizing.

Translation: “I’m emotionally immature and unstable.”

2. A “long laundry list of requirements in a partner with no mention of what they’re going to be bringing to the relationship.”

3. “It doesn’t matter if I think I tick your boxes. Look for that when you swipe. Tell me about you so that I know if you tick my boxes.”

Yup. If you’re not going into a relationship (or, first date) thinking mutually, you’re risking waking up finding yourself in bed with a narcissist, or, you know, just a good old-fashioned selfish person.

4. “I’m only here because my friends made me make an account.” Or, “find me on Instagram, I’m never here.”

Stop farming for fans, or condescending to the masses. Own it. Online dating needn’t be a shameful thing.

5. Listing off the most basic stuff, i.e “I like tacos, margs and adventure.”

Okay, got it, that narrows it down!

6. Having all group photos. Not a red flag, unless you consider lacking basic intelligence or thoughtfulness a red flag.

7. Giving “requirements” like weight, height.

8. “When every picture on their profile is filtered. You do realize I’ll be meeting you as unfiltered right?”

This. Went on a date with a Bumbler. She looked nothing like her profile. Nice person, nice hike.

9. Corollary: don’t meet for a drink or meal. Meet for something active or fun that you’d want to be doing even if you know you’re not a connect after the first 5 minutes.

“I’m looking for someone to take care of me.” “Ugh, this is just the worst one and screams that they’ll be an entitled POS. Or, “I need a guy who can handle me.” Like they’re some type of caged animal.”

10. “Pictures of them giving the middle finger. Makes me think they’re just an immature assh**e.”

11. “I’m in an open marriage, but my wife doesn’t know.”


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