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July 26, 2022

Open Letter to the Men We Love

                                            It’s time for us to Show Up.

Show up where you listen, see, and feel from an open heart without judgment – we will do the same.

Show up where you are present – mind, body & spirit – we will do the same.

Show up where we both commit to the NOW moment of where you are breathing, and we are breathing – you are speaking, and we are speaking – you are listening, and we are listening, and we use that Now moment to connect—the place where nothing else exists but us.

Not partially listening while we’re scrolling through our phones, or thoughts rush to where we wish to be or trying to find the proper response to words that will give us what we think the other wants to hear or (God forbid ) defend our historical position.

Where no pictures are formed in our minds of past scenarios and unwelcome outcomes, whether those scenarios were past partners, family or friends, or each other, we both are committed to the present moment, seeing and hearing fresh with open hearts.

Where we are respecting and accepting each other – transparent and vulnerable.

Whether it’s five minutes or 60 minutes, we are touching each other with life force energy filled with the intent to love, honor, serve and receive what we both need to move into the next moment and tomorrow.

This is a connection. This is intimacy.

The world needs authentic connection & intimacy.

Let it start with us.

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