July 23, 2022

Peace, Joy, Caring, Resilience—it’s all just one Moment away.

Here’s how to get there (here).

Donald Trump, that most overrated
of human beings, is planning a (this time) organized, slow-motion coup.

Our fragile yet powerful home, this vast yet lonely planet we’ve adapted so perfectly to, is cracking beneath the pressure of our exploitative momentum.

It’s hot out there.

And yet—and yet—this perfect present moment, your present moment, my present moment, our present moment is still here, waiting us to look at it. To listen for it. To enjoy it.

And this present moment isn’t about escape from the afore-mentioned. It’s actually a source of stability, of strength, of sanity for the times ahead. And it’s a moment we can learn to find, to rest in, to let go of, and to find again. And again.

It’s meditation. And yet, there’s 108 different kinds of meditation, and many do different things, and some, even, aren’t good for us—they’re based on our basic badness, and trying to YOLO our way to our “best selves.”

So what is helpful?

​This simple technique. Let’s do it. Together. I’ll practice, over here, in the morning, in my evening. You try the same, if so inspired. Even a few minutes will do.

The Best, Classic Meditation Instruction.

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Read 1 comment and reply

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