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July 24, 2022

The one about Anthony, Dragonflies, Faeries and the Like

Have you ever wondered, what does a dragonfly symbolize?

Have you ever encountered one, if I may ask?

Has it come to you during the day, or maybe during the night?

Have you seen a glimpse of a faerie riding on its back?

You may have noticed I love talking in rhymes,

spirits of nature come to visit and are happy to oblige,

offering the words that will bring the next tale to light…

I will now tell you what a dragonfly does symbolize

in the rhymes of my next poem, where you will realize

the spiritual meaning of seeing a dragonfly come by,

now sit down, relax, and read through my poem:


“The one about Anthony, Dragonflies, Faeries and the Like”

Long before my son, Anthony, was born,

I purchased a painting with a dragonfly.

As soon as I saw it, it was love at first sight,

it was not only beautifully crafted and adorned,

but also, its colors were my favorite ones,

all shades of turquoise mixed with brown.


There was something about it

that stole my heart,

perhaps its calming nature,

perhaps the meaning behind

the ripples in the water

as the dragonfly flew by…


I’m not sure, I don’t know,

there’s just something about it

that made me fall in love.

When Anthony was two years old,

he was fascinated with the painting shown above.

He would look at the painting,

for long periods he would stare,

smiled, talked (gibberish), giggled.

Then, he would get on a chair,

closely looked at it,

like if he had something to say,

and something he whispered,

or maybe even prayed,

quietly, softly, he whispered again,

perhaps a little secret

to be kept between them.


Hubby and I were intrigued,

and often wondered what he could see,

maybe he could see angels or faeries,

on one or the other we couldn’t agree.


One day we told his grandma

about Anthony’s fairy tale,

and went out to have lunch that day,

to a restaurant close to a lake.


To our amusement and delight,

we found dragonflies nearby!

What a synchronicity! What a joyful event!

We wondered what it all meant.

I looked it up and learned

the symbolism behind them.


If dragonflies come by your side,

you are a messenger of wisdom,

you hold the power of light,

communication with the kingdom

of faeries will abound.


You’ll know of pixies, nymphs, gnomes,

beings of nature all round,

and of secrets unknown

to everyone around.

Sometime later, hubby woke up in the middle of the night.

His attention was drawn to the baby monitor’s screen.

There, he saw something he just couldn’t believe,

something jaw dropping, and fantastic to say the least!

Next morning, hubby described what he saw

as bright spheres of light, first floating in the air,

then moving fast, they no longer held the same shape,

instead, they looked like shooting stars or swift light rays.

Hubby then asked me, do you know what that was?

Was that your spirit guides?

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing,

and said, how on earth would I know?

You were the one who saw it all!

I was intrigued to say the least!

Faeries may show themselves as orbs of light,

which may not be seen by the naked eye.

Captured in camera though, they will greet

the nonchalant observer in the middle of the night.

I saw them myself not once but many times.

I couldn’t help but wondered what all of it could signify.

As I asked myself, a voice whispered in my ear:

‘there is wisdom beyond this realm,

when faeries and dragonflies come next,

if you pay close attention, you will see behind the veil,

the dreams you weave form part of the grand plan’s web,

the wisdom of the hidden realms wishes to convey

the greater consciousness is showing your soul the way’…


I reflected carefully, and thought to myself

maybe Anthony is a bridge of sorts making way

for the truth beyond illusion that cannot be explained

Whether spirit, faeries, or angels,

Anthony sees them with his naked eyes.

He usually looks up and waves at them,

like saying “hiya, there you are!”.

Another day, hubby reported he was watching TV,

while Anthony was playing on the floor,

all of a sudden, Anthony started giggling

like he never did before.

Anthony waved both hands around his face,

like if he was trying to deter insects away.

Anthony didn’t seem bothered or annoyed,

rather, he seemed to be playful and amused,

the witty banter got him all enthused,

his invisible flying friends, what an occasion to rejoice!

Who were Anthony’s invisible flying friends?

perhaps his faeries? Maybe, other beings alike?

Or perhaps, one day Anthony will have amazing stories to share,

as Antoine de Saint-Exupery said:

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.

What is essential is invisible to the eye”

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Read 2 comments and reply

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