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August 30, 2022

3 Truths about the Amazing Subconscious Mind.

The subconscious mind, we all have one, is the powerhouse of every human being, yet barely any of us are tapping into it.

Humans spend the majority of their waking life in their conscious mind. This is the voice that is always talking to you, telling you things like it’s time to clean the kitchen or reminding you to text your friend back.

While, of course, the conscious mind is important and needed, this voice is also the one that is connected to the Ego. The Ego is the voice that is based in fear, uncertainty, doubt, anxiety, and more. The Ego thinks it’s doing its job by keeping you safe when in reality it’s preventing you from new experiences.

You know when you’re about to go on a first date, or start a new job, that voice that creeps in and starts telling you everything that can go wrong? That’s the Ego. It likes to make itself known right before a big or new event and tries to talk you out of it. Its preferred method of communication is that of scarcity, fear, all-or-nothing thinking, basically anything to get your attention.

Now, of course, the Ego isn’t all bad. The Ego does keep us safe in life-threatening situations when we actually need it. It lets us know when we should take a different route home or when to speak up for our needs. The Ego definitely serves a purpose, but it loves to be in control and too many humans let it take over.

While the Ego loves attention, the subconscious mind, (I like to call it intuition) doesn’t care much for the spotlight. Instead, the subconscious mind likes to leave us clues and hints in more subtle ways. It is always communicating to us, but our minds are too busy with the Ego that we can never hear its all-important messages.

Intuition is where all the magic lies. Intuition is always running in the background and is especially active at night in dream time. While intuition may not be yelling at us like the Ego, its powers are infinite.

Intuition can help you answer life’s bigger questions: like what your purpose is, how to love yourself more deeply, and how to trust the Universe.

When I was completing my Life Coach certification this is the very first thing we learned. Not only what the subconscious mind is, (because we don’t learn about it in school) but how it can always help us and our clients experience life-changing breakthroughs. When I realized just how important it is, I learned the right techniques to quiet my mind and tap into this superpower. My life continues to unfold in the most magical way since learning this.

And now it’s time to pass this incredible knowledge on to you. Of course, there’s endless positive aspects about the subconscious mind but these are my 3 favorite truths. I’m always discovering new ways to tap into my intuition and ways to fall deeper into trust for my life. It’s an amazing feeling once you can tap into it!

3 Truths about the Subconscious Mind:

1. It’s always giving you clues to know yourself deeper.

The subconscious mind is always talking to you. It wants the absolute best for you. It does not judge, shame, or pressure you into something. The subconscious mind likes to leave its clues in subtle ways—like coincidences, repeating numbers, dreams, and even through other people. See, when you decide to go after a goal or change your life, it gets to work right away and starts thinking of ways for you to accomplish it.

The spot people get stuck is that they quickly turn back into fear mode, start diminishing their dreams, and not trusting the advice. Most people have the belief that the comfort zone is much safer. This could not be farther from the truth. While it may seem safer, the real magic happens outside of it. The place where we feel more fulfilled, happy, adventurous, trusting, and full of purpose. The trick is to learn how to amplify our intuition over our fear. This is the exact work I do with clients, and I love seeing people have breakthroughs!

The more you start to turn inward, the more you will hear this invaluable advice. Some great ways to get started are by meditating (any free video on Youtube will suffice), journaling, spending time in nature, and doing something creative.

2. It knows when you’re ready to heal.

Do you ever wonder why you feel triggered by certain events or people? Or why you get inundated with anxiety and fear when you’re about to try something new? Or, maybe one day out of nowhere you are hit with a painful memory that you long forgotten. This is the subconscious mind telling you that you are ready to heal.

The amazing thing about the subconscious mind is that it has the ability to hide and suppress certain memories. Since its main job is to support you to be your best self, it will hide away painful parts of your past until you’re ready to heal it. The subconscious mind will never ever serve up something that you are not ready to face.

This is the point where most people run and hide. They turn to their favorite distraction and continue on with their lives. I mean, who wants to sit around and think about a painful moment? But once you learn that you can handle whatever it is, you can lean into it. You can learn the invaluable lessons from that point in your life and forgive yourself. You can recognize why it had to happen and learn how to course correct for the future. Once you are brave enough to face it, it does not have the hold on you it once did. The painful memory just becomes a part of your life story and empowers you for your next chapter.

So, next time that fear rears its ugly head, remember that you are more than capable of sitting with it. You are capable of integrating the lessons and sending love to that version of you. The subconscious mind is always here for you no matter what. It’s your biggest ally, and the painful lessons mean that you are reaching a massive breakthrough. So lean in, trust, and let it all unfold.

3. It knows how truly powerful you are.

The subconscious mind always holds the highest image of you, it’s your biggest cheerleader! It knows that you are made up of infinite possibilities. It knows that you come from the same energy that created the moon, stars, and oceans. It never judges, shames, or projects fear. It simply is there to show you how powerful you are.

The subconscious mind is where unconditional love is created and nurtured. It sees everything, including you, as pure love. So when it’s communicating with you and dropping you hints, listen to them! You are always loved and supported within this safe space within you.

This is exactly how manifestation works. When you are creating something new in your life, the subconscious mind is working with Universal Laws to make it a reality for you. The subconscious mind is tapped into this higher power that the Universe holds. The more you surrender to your life and tap into this wealth of love and knowledge, the faster your dreams will become your reality.

If you’re wondering how to tap more into this part of you, you’re in the right place—all of my writing, talks about living with purpose, intention, and unconditional love. I love to share different ways of how to unlock this power and start trusting life.

This knowledge has completely changed my life and I hope it does for you, too.

Are you ready to tap into the magic?


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