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August 26, 2022

The Squirrel that taught me how to approach a Situation whose outcome was beyond my Control

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.

How would you approach a situation whose outcome is beyond your control?

Sometimes, we don’t know how ‘our inner wisdom knows best’. I believe, though; our inner self carefully devises a plan to show us the way.

These days, if anyone asks me the question above, I would say ‘resourcefulness, owning the victory in my mind, and total trust’. This is the lesson I learned through seeking government resources to support my autistic son.

Interestingly, a squirrel was the messenger of this lesson, which I will share about in the story below.

At the time, I had just received the news of my son’s diagnosis.

I was still in shock, feeling lost, and wasn’t sure what to do next. All I knew is that I didn’t want to feel the pain.

My son’s pediatrician advised me to focus on the application to seek government’s aid.

Yes, I told myself, I can follow instructions and steps – anything that would numb the pain, and would be of help.

However, I knew nothing about the intricacies of dealing with the government. I shrank with anticipation, at the thought of what could lay ahead.

Who knows? I thought, most likely a myriad of forms, interviews, a tsunami of details, managed by a bunch of strangers with empty, formal voices, and emotionally disengaged.

For them, I would be, perhaps just another special needs parent, another file number, and my son, would probably be just another autism case, amongst hundreds of cases, at best.

Surely enough, and just like that, the parade started. Government delegates asking me the same questions again and again. They asked questions about how my son’s abilities compared to other children his age, and about how his condition affected my mental health.

It took several meetings with the government. Nevertheless, a few weeks later, I completed the financial aid request.

Despite of the discouraging feedback from other parents, I had at least managed to plant the seed. My son was in the system with an approved funding plan to start therapy, which was more than any other special needs parent I interacted with, had achieved.

The approved plan though, only allowed for two hours of therapy per week, which wasn’t sufficient to meet my son’s developmental needs.

How can I achieve a better outcome for my son? I pondered.

All things considered, I knew that my son, Anthony, would benefit from additional hours of therapy, yet, before triggering an additional funding request, I needed to gather the evidence to support my son’s case.

With that in mind and the funding available, I got Anthony started on a trial intensive therapy program for 4 months.

This was somewhat confronting.

I could run out of funding and end up empty handed. I had no guarantee I would succeed in getting additional resources.

Nonetheless, I was determined and eager to take the risk. This measure would enable me to obtain an evidence-based report to support my request for a higher level of funding.

I thought to myself, if I won, a lot more could be achieved. Chances were that with more therapy, Anthony would make further progress to meet his developmental needs.

As the African proverb goes ‘when you pray, move your feet’. I made up my mind there and then. I bravely set sail, to face the unknown, that distant and blurry point, where the light meets the sea.

Soon after completing the steps required for the additional funding request, everything was in motion. I had the evidence needed, a new appointment with the government, and a heartfelt notion – come what may – to pursue my quest until the end.

The Power of Intention 

According to quantum physics, our thoughts emanate a vibration. In other words, a frequency that travels into the quantum field and attracts everything that we are holding in our attention. Therefore, launching a rocket of intention to manifest our desires in physical reality, is key.

How do we launch a rocket of intention? You may ask.

A manifestation ritual is a powerful way to communicate our intention to the universe.

This is what I did. I wrote down my intention to manifest the level of funding required for Anthony’s intensive therapy program. I made sure everything was written in present tense, like if my desire had already materialized in physical reality.

Subsequently, I did a silent meditation holding my intention, and went within. I imagined my heart’s inner flame ascending to the cosmos, and connecting with the divine presence of all that is. Then, when our flames became one, I envisioned my intention already fulfilled.

With a deep sense of gratitude, I ended the ritual by lighting a candle to release the intention into the universe for manifestation, and here it’s where the magic began!

A candle has the power to help us summon the divine presence to manifest our desires. This is why most spiritual rituals involve lighting candles.

The following day, I casually went to check the candle wax. You see, I believe that when you set an intention in motion, the universe leaves clues of manifestation in the shapes that form in the wax after the candle has burned completely.

Guess what?

To my surprise, I found a curious shape sitting on the edge of the wax, looking down the layers of wax underneath. The shape had a long bushy tail and a slender body. As though stepping away from the cliff, it was ready to depart from the depths of the abyss beneath.

I was bewildered!

The shape in the wax looked like a squirrel!

I immediately googled ‘squirrel spirit medicine’. I found a link to Collette Baron Reid Oracle that said:

“An abundance of resources is available to you through the generosity of Spirit and all your hard work. Squirrel Spirit shows up when you need reminding that the acorns you have gathered and stowed away have enormous potential to grow, so relax into knowing there is always enough and you have what it takes to co-create the reality you want to experience”

I read the message in awe and gratitude. It all sounded perfect, and thanked the universe for the gift bestowed upon me. During the next few days, I prepared for my meeting with the government, with the conviction that it would all be well.

Anyhow, on the day of the government’s meeting, the delegate refuted my arguments.

She avidly stated my son had already been given a level of funding appropriate to his circumstances.

She continued on, but the tone of her voice sounded harsh and sarcastic. I disconnected from the exchange entirely. I heard her voice no more, but an unintelligible echo that sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher…

“Wah wah woh wah wah”

While trying to collect myself to counter her earlier statement, a thought came to rescue me from my trance. The delegate was referring to the fact that I hadn’t painted such a grim picture of my son’s disability, during the initial interaction with the government.

But, how can I be expected to be an expert in autism?

My spirit came back to the present moment.

She noticed my facial expression had changed, and became silent for a moment.

I, no longer appeared surprised, confused, or distressed. On the contrary, my gaze held hers intensely.

I looked at her with the ‘eye of the tiger’.

Like the song by rock band Survivor goes, I felt the thrill of the fight cursing through my veins and rising up to the challenge before me.

With a calm, yet decisive and firm tone of voice, I explained that at the time of the original funding approval, I didn’t know enough about my son’s disability.

She looked at me attentively, waiting for me to speak again.

I added that it was only through an expert assessment and witnessing the improvements my son had achieved through intensive therapy, that it became evident such a program would be a better fit for my son to make cognitive and developmental progress.

The interaction with the delegate moved onto pointing out key findings in the assessment report, and the research on the effectiveness of evidence-based therapy to close the gap of autism’s developmental delays.

The delegate could feel in the tone of my voice, I was not backing down.

Somehow, her energy shifted. She accepted all the evidence provided, and committed to escalating the request for approval.

Before the meeting ended though, the delegate made it clear there were no guarantees the request would be approved. It was up to the government’s financial authority to decide the final outcome of the request.

Regardless of the delegate’s closing statement, I let go of all fears trusting that I had done enough to achieve a positive outcome.

Final Outcome

Every day thereafter, I looked at my candle wax with the shape of the squirrel, reminding myself that “when we ask, it is given”, trusting my intention was already granted.

Finally, 7 weeks later, the long-awaited call from the government delegate comes.

As I grab my phone, and recognize the delegate’s voice, I can feel my heart beating fast, and my breathing quickening in anticipation for the news about to be announced.

The delegate’s voice is levelled. There’s no gravity or excitement that can give away a clue.

We exchange greetings. Then, she proceeds to inform me that I got not only the level of funding required to finance an intensive therapy plan for Anthony, but also enough funding to get in-home care support.

I am beaming with happiness and delight! My intention has come true!

Squirrel medicine taught me how being resourceful, trusting myself, and owning the victory in my mind, won the day.

If you are a special needs parent, rest assure, no effort you make for your child, even if unsuccessful at the first attempt, will go astray. You will sharpen your skills for another battle, and will gain wisdom to paddle harder to not miss the next wave.

If you aren’t a special needs parent, but are going through a difficult time, this lesson applies just the same. Come what may, trust yourself and lean on your indomitable strength, for your courage will carry you forward. Being willing to face our fears, is how spiritual warriors are made.

To finalize, I offer you a poem I wrote to thank squirrel spirit for such a powerful lesson learned.

Beloved Squirrel Spirit,
thank you for showing up.
I’m grateful for your visit,
for you’ve come to let me know,
that I’m not only resourceful,
but I’m also blessed.
No need to be mournful
or fear my uphill quest.

I’m not only blessed,
but also have all resources I need,
to make my journey ahead
to be filled with joy and ease

Your key word of wisdom
resonates deeply within me.

In the depth of my inner kingdom
the word “gathering” is key

Gathering the inner strength
to be who I need to be,
with my soul connect at length
in the silence that lies within

I don’t need to chase
anything outside of me,
no fear of failure or mistakes
befall in front of me

I know who I am, and who I need to be.
I am Mother Warrior,
I stand resolute and go into the battlefield,
ever glorious, ever victorious,
before the battle even begins.

For it is in my mind where the victory is conquered,
it is in my mind where I seize the win,
where all dreams are fostered,
where all dreams are achieved.
I am the master of my mind,
highest outcome is all there is!

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