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October 12, 2022

Entrepreneurs Feel Stuck? Hire A Coach!

What I learned by advising Ministers of Finance, global CEO and Women Leaders, is that about 90% of the top performers have above average emotional intelligence and use coaching to improve it. Founders and executives that use business coaching for decision making, point to a 7X return on their investment within 12 months. Also, since I have been a crisis manager for over 20 years, I am happy to report that emotional intelligent salespeople, marketers, and investors perform better during recession and crisis.

Bottom line, most people could use advice to improve their daily decision making. To put it bluntly, we tend to suck at making decisions as we tend to look at them as a choice between right and wrong, good, or bad. This is the wrong approach.  As we deal with over 35,000 decisions every day, we should use expert advice and tools to make sure we prioritize the decisions that lead to greater opportunity. And delegate or automate everything else.

Timing is everything
The starting point is, how do we know if this is the best time for the entrepreneurs to make this decision? I am thinking of this as we are all still stuck in Post-Covid Crisis mode, and we are often very “reactive focused” when making important decisions. We are also influenced by the news, the stock markets, and all the unnecessary digital noise that clouds our brain. If you are a CEO or an executive, you need to make sure you are not rushing a decision taking action in the wrong mental space. Meaning you need to better manage your emotions ensuring that important decisions are postponed to a time when you are calm and can assess all your options. When we are having a stressful day, we aren’t going to be very mentally effective, so it is good to postpone until our mental fitness is sharper to help us maximize the decisions returns.

Final Thought:
Think of coaching as the mechanism to help us achieve the success we define for ourselves. The coach becomes our trusted companion to help us build or restructure our plan, define outcomes, and try new things to implement our strategy. The coach is an extension of our team who facilitates action-oriented decision-making, problem-solving, or conflict management and negotiation.

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