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February 16, 2023

The Best Revenge Is More Success. Here Is Why!

Don’t get busy on any kind of revenge, get busy getting more success. Life is often tough and crisis events will make our living more challenging and miserable. Our job is to stay away from the misery caused by others. Over the last 5 years we have all been affected by several crisis including, trade wars between the US and China, Suez Canal accident, Covid, War in Ukraine and the end of cheap money. This is important to remember because during time of hardship, fewer resources are available to people, and when people suffer often, they embark on unethical behavior. When this happens, we get caught with our guard down, and people cheat of us, take things from us, and often take full advantage of us. Our natural response is to want revenge and retribution for the suffering these people caused. This is a bad decision, because is bad for your own growth and success. Stay away from this bad form of revenge and focus instead on creating more success.

Strategies to convert “being wronged” into more success.

Mike Tyson, the youngest boxing heavy weight champion once said, “we all have a plan until we get punched in the face”.  The way I take this is that when you are successful, you get blind-sided, you are overconfident, and lose your humility that helps you prevent and anticipate problems. When shit happens, it is important to get ready to get back to work. It is precisely at this time of extreme adversity and solitude that we need to be the strongest. Getting back to work and proving wrong the people that have failed you should be your priority. Seeking revenge or retribution will keep you more entangled in whatever kind of crisis you have experienced. So, move on and use the offense received as fuel for growth. As you stay focused on what you are the best at, you will accelerate success despite others. Success brings more success and these people that took advantage of your will be back begging to be part of your success. Time to level up and push for 100X personal growth.

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