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March 14, 2023

How can one attain Moksha in today’s world?

Principally, only when Self-Realization has been attained, one can move towards Moksh!

During the process of Self-Realization:

  • The deluding demerit karmas covering our Soul get destroyed.
  • The separation between the body and the Soul takes place.
  • The understanding of ‘I am the pure Soul’ gets firmly established.

On attaining the knowledge of the Self, one thus begins the journey on the path of spiritual progress.

There are two main types of spiritual paths in this world to attain Self-Realization:

  1. Kramik: This is a step-by-step path, that one travels putting in lots of effort
    Here, you have to ‘do’ something to achieve Self-realization…

do some meditation, chant some mantra, do worship, do penance, perform certain rituals and do sadhana for finding the truth of ‘who am I’. And finally, you get Self-Realization. So, it is possible to attain spirituality through this path, but it is a long one.

  1. Akram: This is an elevator path, one crosses in the shelter of Gnani’s grace
    On the Akram path, with the grace of the Living Gnani, we realize the Self in just an hour. And within the next one hour, we get to know the five principles that teach us how to remain in the pure Soul and dissolve all our discharge karmas such that no new karma is charged.

In today’s world, the Akram path is the one that can make us reach Moksha

Ordinarily, ‘Moksha’ means release or freedom from the cycle of birth and death.

“But that is the final stage of liberation; it is the secondary stage. The first stage of Moksha is where you experience a sense of neutrality towards problems and miseries. In the first stage of Moksha, one experiences indifference towards any worldly unhappiness. Even in worldly unhappiness, one remains unaffected. In the midst of suffering imposed upon you by others or external factors, you experience samadhi (bliss). That is the first stage of Moksha.

The second stage of Moksha, the permanent Moksha, is attained after death. The first stage of Moksha should be attained here and now. I experience this first stage of Moksha all the time. Moksha should be such that even while one lives amongst the worldly things, they do not affect him. That is the Moksha one must strive for. There is no bondage. This stage of Moksha is possible through Akram Vignan”, says Param Pujya Dadashri, an Enlightened being.

Thus, in today’s world, the Akram path is the one that can make us reach Moksha. To read more on this, please visit

The wonderful attribute of Akram Science is that…

We can attain Moksha without having to renounce the world. On the Akram path, the Gnani makes us renounce our ego and accept our true Self. With the grace of Gnani, the conviction, the awareness and the experience of the pure Soul begins within. Thereafter, following Gnani’s words, with the awareness of the Soul, one can clear all their faults of anger, pride, deceit and greed present within and reach Moksha! Easy, isn’t it?!

Furthermore, through Akram Vignan, with the direct grace of the Living Gnani, we get to know our true Self (the Soul), an abode of eternal bliss, within two hours only, and that too for no cost whatsoever. What else can be greater than this?

So come, let’s go to Gnani, and with his grace, attain the first stage of Moksh i.e. Self-Realization from Him!!!

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