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March 28, 2023

Ignore Deadlines As They Are Artificial

Hi everyone. Ignore deadlines. That’s what my message to you is today. A lot of these deadlines, the majority of them are self imposed. They rarely lead to the consequences they threaten to cause and they take focus out of our lives distracting us from what we should really focus on.

So learn to manipulate these deadlines. Let others get distracted by them. Ignore them completely. Because as you do that, you become more risk aware and you let everybody else fret about them. And you learn to focus on what you have absolute control over

I’m not suggesting to be irresponsible, but if you focus on delivery and what you have absolute control over you become unstoppable. Again, ignore deadlines. They are completely artificial. And they’ll take away so much stress and energy from our lives.

Learn from General Napoleon to ignore at all cost deadlines…He used to instruct all his top generals to bring him urgent communications after 2 weeks of reception because by the time these 2 weeks passed most of these urgent deadlines will have sorted themselves out.

Let go of deadlines and noise, and focus on delivery more every day.

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