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April 29, 2023

Do you feel that a Good Sexual life is key to peace and happiness?

Many believe that a good sexual life leads to peace and happiness. But is this belief correct?

Do you know, in reality, sexual interaction is the primary reason for conflicts and unhappiness that couples have to endure in their married life? We get to understand this when Gnani, the Enlightened One, describes the nature of sexuality, and explains with precision its dangers vis-à-vis the beneficial effects of celibacy (Brahmacharya) attained through right understanding.

  • Sex is one of the main sources of fights, arguments and conflicts that couples have, day in and day out. The reason behind this is: whenever there is attraction for someone, in reaction, inevitability you will have repulsion too.
  • Leading a sexual life, our body becomes weaker, and so does our immune system. Partaking in sex makes your body more prone to illness as you are using up vital semen which maintains your body’s well-being.
  • There are many dangerous infections and diseases connected to sexual interactions, which if contracted, harm your body too.
  • During just one sexual intercourse, millions of living entities within the body are killed. And as a consequence, these living entities are bound to take their revenge. One can never be happy by making the other living beings unhappy – this is the law of nature.
  • Sexual activity decreases one’s life span. Every living being has a certain amount of breaths allocated to him during his life span. Sex outweighs the number of breaths that one consumes up, as compared to the other strenuous activities.
  • Because one’s mind is lost in thoughts of sex, they lose sight of the good and beneficial things that are present in their life, and tend to ignore them.
  • Having sex only once leads to losing concentration power for up to three days! When one abstains from sex for a month, one’s stability, concentration and focus is vastly enhanced.
  • If one is seeking to rise higher in religion or spiritual matters, then sex inhibits their progress. Sex and money are the biggest impediments for one’s advancement in these areas.
  • Every human being is in pursuit of happiness. And many are drawn to sex to escape from their burning problems too. They think there is a great deal of happiness in sex. But in reality, sex is the primary reason for their unhappiness because the happiness that one finds in sexual life is always short-lived and fleeting, whereas the conflicts and restlessness that it gives rise to are quite long-lasting and never-ending.

What is the key to peace and happiness then?

Thousands of couples around the world have, with the help of Akram Vignan, the stepless path to liberation, found a permanent solution to their daily quarrels, fights and tensions that happened for no good reason; and are today living a happy and harmonious married life that is filled with real love for each other. The real love is void of all expectations and has no conditions attached to it; in this love there is no unhappiness following happiness; there’s an experience of only pure and permanent bliss!!

How does this happen?

It happens with Gnan i.e. Self-realization!! Our real Self is not this body or the name that we are attached with. It is the Pure Soul, which is nothing but eternal bliss. In Akram Vignan, with the divine grace of Gnani, we can effortlessly attain Self-Realization and taste the experience of the supreme bliss of the Soul!!!

Having met Gnani, and remaining in his continued nearness and grace, we vow to be free from all elements of sexuality through mind, speech and body, and persevere to attain the blissful grandeur of the Pure Soul, whose inherent property is real love.

After Self-Realization, externally, sexual life with one’s spouse may continue for some, for it is a part of one’s unfolding karma. But from within, one has a strong desire to rise in celibacy. This world is the fruit of man’s deep inner intent. The intent of celibacy is laid down as a seed in this life, and the fruits of it shall come forth in next life. However, for this life, Gnani has put in a line of demarcation between the effect of karma (of leading a sexual life) and the effort of the awakened Self to remain in constant awareness of the Self, with a sincere opposition from within, towards the sexual impulses which do not leave immediately; they go only gradually over time, but until then there is a continuous repentance with inner remorse for any sexual impulses that may arise.

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