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April 5, 2023

How can one develop detachment towards sense objects and still enjoy use them?

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being, explains:

When an account of atoms (a karmic account of using the sense objects) is being settled, it is not considered enjoying the sense objects; but to become engrossed or absorbed during the discharge of that account (karmic account of enjoying the sense objects), that is called enjoying the sense objects.

The senses do not play a role in it; they merely convey the message. That is why I say : ‘One is not Jitendriya Jina (the Detached) if he has conquered the objects of the senses; Jietendriya Jina is the One whose vision has turned to the Observer, One whose knowledge and awareness have become one with the Knower.’ Lord Mahavir too said the same thing!

So, until one acquires Self-realization, one is constantly engulfed by sensual pleasures because of the presence of the ego and the belief of doer-ship. Those who study detachment, only such a person can understand the Absolutely Detached (a Vitarag), how can those whose subjects are anger, pride, attachment and greed, understand the Absolutely Detached?

Know ‘Who is the Enjoyer?’

Until you acquire the knowledge of your Self (Self-Realization) and become the Self, you remain as the worldly self and that is why you are a doer, and therefore the enjoyer and the sufferer. In this state of an enjoyer, you become the doer and thereby create a new projection and again a new projection and the same old rut continues!

The Self (Aatma, the Soul) does not enjoy anything. It cannot enjoy anything. If it were the intrinsic nature of the Self to enjoy, then that tendency would always remain with the Self and liberation would

never be achieved. The one who enjoys is merely using his ego when saying ‘I enjoyed it’.

Senses are effective. Because of causes, the senses become effective (when they come in contact with the sense objects). As effects unfold, because of illusion, you egotistically claim to be the doer or the enjoyer. When this illusion of ‘I am the doer’ is removed and you understand who the real doer is (this happens during Self-Realization), liberation is at hand. It is possible to experience liberation even with the body.

Attachment is created during the time one becomes the enjoyer or the sufferer

During the time of enjoyment, the feeling and belief of ‘this is mine, I am enjoying,’ is being superimposed on the sense-object being enjoyed. The same holds true for the suffering endured with feelings of, ‘I am in pain, I am suffering’.

The baggage within is nothing but the result of attachment created during the state of enjoyment or suffering. Consequently, the kind of fruits you reap (effects) depends upon the kind of projection you did (causes). If you projected happiness in a sense-object, you will experience happiness (when enjoying-using them) and if you projected unhappiness, you will experience unhappiness (while enjoying-using them).

The current likes and dislikes you experience are the results of your past projections.

The pure Soul (Self) has never been the enjoyer, the sufferer, or the doer of anything

To be the enjoyer or the sufferer (vedak) means attachment. The pure Self (Soul) and attachment are contradictory. The One who appears to be the doer or an enjoyer (vedak) is the worldly self.

All activities visible to the eye or experienced through the senses are of the worldly self and not of the pure Self. The Pure Self is only the Observer and the Knower. The pure Self possesses powers of infinite knowledge and infinite vision; but these can be comprehended only when one attains Self-Realization. It is only then can you understand that as the Self, you are the non-doer.

After acquiring Self-realization, you stop doing false projection. Your worldly life continues because of previously done projection. After Self-realization, there is no ego (charging ego) in the words you utter (or actions you do). It is indeed a wonder that new ‘creations’ cease to take place. If projection is halted even for just one lifetime, it is a great achievement.

Hence, to develop detachment towards sense-objects while you still use them, the only way to go is Self-Realization. And through Akram Vignan, we can attain Self-Realization in a matter of two hours only, as the Enlightened One, with his divine spiritual powers, directly enlightens our Soul and makes us realize the Self, our Pure Self.

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