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April 19, 2023

How do I know who I am, why I am and what I am?

If we want to know the right answers to these questions, we must know it from the Enlightened One….

Who am I?

‘I am a pure Soul’

Soul is an eternal element present in every living being!

Until you have the ignorance of ‘who I am’, and out of that ignorance, you believe, ‘I am John (please insert your name here)’, you are said to be an ordinary living being in a state of ignorance regarding your real Self.

But when you realize that, ‘I am not John, I am a pure Soul; I am not in the form of this body or name, I am in the form of the pure Soul; I am really a pure Soul and everything else is relative i.e. in relation to something, and imaginary”, you recognize the real Self!

To know ‘who I am’ is the ultimate purpose of this human life.

Why I am?

To complete the journey of the Soul!

We are all here to finish all our karmas and attain liberation!

  1. The journey of the Soul begins from a total dormant stage where there is total covering on the Soul – in the form of karmas,
  2. and then the Soul enters into the world as a one-sensed living being, and as karmas shed, natural development happens up to a five-sensed living being and later into human form,
  3. ultimately, when one gets Self-Realization, the worldly development completes there, new karmas stop being charged then; and
  4. Finally, the Soul is liberated from the worldly cycle of birth and death when the discharge of all old karmas finish!

When you attain Self-Realization, you stop binding new karmas and start to finish all your old karmas. When all the karmas are exhausted, the pure Soul is without any covering over it, completely uncovered; what remains then is the Absolute Soul (Parmatma)! This is the liberated Soul!

What I am?

We are infinite Knowledge, we are infinite Vision, we are infinite Power, we are infinite Bliss!

While the body, the name, the fame, the money that one earns and the material pleasures that one enjoys are all, by their inherent nature, temporary and insatiable; the Soul, our real Self, is eternal and so are its properties.

Just as oil and water never mix, the Soul and the body it resides in, never mix.

The Soul of every living being is totally pure and is completely independent of the inner thoughts or outer actions of the living being within which it resides. But the reason why we are unaware of its existence and cannot experience its glorious properties is that it is covered by infinite veils of ignorance. These infinite veils of ignorance are broken upon Self-Realization.

The Soul cannot be seen with physical eyes, nor can it be completely described in words – it is that subtle.

Therefore, to realize the Soul, we need Gnani, the Enlightened One who can enlighten our Soul; with whose grace, our vision (the inherent property of the Soul) opens up to know what I am!!!

The Enlightened Being, through Self-Realization, gives us the taste of the experience of our Soul, wherefrom begins our journey on the path of liberation!!!

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