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April 12, 2023

How does one channelise their mindset as how does one create the state of thoughtless awareness?

Just like five senses, the human mind has its own function – the function of mind is to think

When external and inner circumstances arise, the tuber in the mind erupts and sprouts. The sprouting of a tuber is the beginning of a thought; and these thoughts come and go. This is a natural process. So, our job is to let the mind think without getting engrossed in the thoughts.

To get to the state of thoughtless awareness, the Enlightened One explains:

“For meditation (thoughtless awareness), we have to watch what thoughts are coming. Be an observer.

As an observer, you have to watch what are the thoughts coming in mind. And the thought will soon go, because the mind is working; it is its function to give thoughts. And you are an observer!

Both the things are separate. It is an object and you are an observer. Don’t cancel it. Just watch what thoughts are coming and going. I am the knower and seer (observer). Then, it is right meditation (this is the right thoughtless awareness)!”

He also explains where we should begin from:

“Take Gnan (Self-Realization)!

Then, you will understand, ‘I am a Pure Soul’ and the mind is of John (please insert your name here).

Mind never stops. We cannot stop the (functioning of) mind, we cannot control mind, we can just observe mind. These (thoughts arising in mind) are discharge atoms, and we, as a pure Soul, are the Knower and Seer (the observer).

(To channelize our mindset, to create the state of thoughtless awareness), we have to keep equanimity, ‘I do not want to get disturbed by the mind. I am just keeping an observation that what thoughts are coming.’ And it (each thought) will go. We are just the Knower and Seer.

Real meditation means we have to just observe what thoughts are coming. Thoughts are coming through the tubers of anger, pride, deceit and greed. Wherever we have given some opinion (in the past), it remains as a tuber in the mind. Thoughts are coming through that mind. So, we have to just observe. Now (after Self-Realization), we have to keep the awareness of the spiritual Self that who am I and why this is happening.”

We are a pure Soul – the function of the Soul is to see and know the thoughts that arise in mind When the thought occurs and the entanglement of thought continues, it all happens in mind, and the Soul (Self) knows all of this. The one that ‘Knows’ all these thoughts is the Self.

Due to ignorance of our real Self, we believe that, ‘I am John (please insert your name here).’ That is the subtlest level of egoism, which charges new karma.

The mind, speech and body are all discharge karma. John entirely is discharge karma. Discharge karma means you have no control over John. You are not the doer of John. Thoughts are coming (you do not have any control over it, it is just happening). You, as the Soul, are the knower.

But since we do not know ‘who am I’, that’s why we believe, “I am thinking. I am speaking, I am doing (drinking tea, etc.).” That wrong belief of ‘I am the doer’ is called the subtlest egoism. That ego charges new karma.

Once we know ‘who am I and who is the doer’, then only our spiritual progress can start

On the path of Akram Vignan, we can attain Self-Realization in two hours only, as the Enlightened One, with His divine spiritual powers, directly gives us the experiential knowledge of the Self.

After one attends this Self-Realization Ceremony (called Gnanvidhi), it becomes easier to keep their mind separate. One realizes that, “I am Pure Soul and my nature is only to see and know.” With this, their belief of, ‘I am indeed the one who is having this thought’ drops. And following the words of the Enlightened One, when one maintains the awareness of the spiritual Self that who am I and why this is happening, one learns to channelize their mindset and gradually progresses towards the state of thoughtless awareness!

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