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April 3, 2023

The Power of Love

I recently attended a fundraiser for political candidate Marianne Williamson. I’ve talked about Marianne with you before in my post “All Things Are Possible”. For those that don’t know, she is a spiritual teacher who is running for president of the United States. The event was at a small Jazz Club in the Tribeca district of Manhattan, with a minimum donation of $250 to attend.

I give you the price not to show you I’m cool because I spend lots of money, but as a follow up to my last post about Abundance. While I’ve made more money this year, I believe it’s partly because I’ve also given so much away. Especially to people who I see the power of the divine in their work. Marianne certainly fit this category. I have a lot to say here, but more on generosity at a later time.

The night began with a guided meditation led by Ziva meditation founder, Emily Fletcher. This was apropos to a spiritual workshop, yet unfitting for most political gatherings. Nonetheless, It was a sign my money was going to the right candidate.

The fundraiser was hosted by rock legend, Dave Navarro. Although an unlikely contributor to a presidential election, like many, Dave as been touched by Marianne’s work. At the event, he vulnerably shared with us his childhood trauma, which Marianne’s teachings have helped heal. In addition to his semantics on Ink Master, Dave now works with traumatized children giving back what he wished could have been given to him.

After a few rounds of hors d’oeuvres, Marianne finally took the stage to give her thanks and a solid 45-minute talk. What I found most notable was when she spoke about how she is being perceived to the public. Her stance, if you haven’t seen, is on harnessing the “Power of Love” to overcome the hate and darkness that has besieged the political and cultural landscape. She lamented and mused that people think she is “naive” in her intentions.

Sadly, I can understand this perception. Western society tends to put economic power at the top of its’ values. Love is then bifurcated between our significant relationship and Beatles songs.

It’s as if there is a dark unconscious underbelly that thinks “Love” is weak. Maybe it’s leftover remnants of the ’60s. You know the passive hippie, peace & love mantra that’s depicted by people at Woodstock with no shirt, a joint, and tie-dye bandana. It’s no wonder we can’t take Love seriously.

Most have The Power of Love WAY wrong. If you want to witness something of extraordinary power and transformation, take someone who hates themselves and get them to love themselves. They would act differently. Their whole existence would shift. They would heal in unprecedented ways. Marianne says that what transforms an individual is what transforms a collective.

Only the Power of Love can help us.

Gandhi knew it, as did Martin Luther King. Both waged peace and conquered two dark & oppressive entities, The British colony and segregation. Are we just too ignorant? Do we love feeding our egos with false power and inflated pride?

We have to remind ourselves, as Jesus said. “They know not what they do” Our job isn’t to condemn those who don’t understand the power of Love, but it is to Love them just the same.

As Richard Rohr puts it, “There is nothing to be against. Just keep concentrating on the big thing you are for.” 

By showing love, we become the conduit for their transformation. Every great wisdom tradition preached compassion. Love thy Neighbor. Love thy Enemy. Practice Loving-Kindness. Did you know compassion is the most frequently occurring word in the Quran?

Some of you reading may get it already, but let’s not let that cause us to stop embodying it. Let us work together to shine our light and our love on all that we come across. Only then can we harness its’ great power.

That is why the topic of this week’s meditation is on “The Power of Love”.

I hope it helps you spread more love into your life.

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