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May 12, 2023

If we dedicate ourselves to God, are our bad Karmas over?

The Science of Karma

The Science of Karma is such that even if one dedicates himself to God, bad Karmas will still need to be endured. In life, every one of us, including God Himself, has to undergo the respective effects of bound karmas. No one can escape it!

However, by dedicating ourselves to God:

  • We become light. We do not feel any burden of the bad Karmas as such.
  • The strength of the discharging karmas seems less effective.

Our faith in God produces this positive outcome for us.

Hence, it is indeed beneficial to be close to God. It is a progression in the right direction as it helps us develop spiritually. And as we are really keen to be totally free from bad Karmas, our dedication to God itself will bring forth a path before us whereon we do not bind new karma and we do not have to suffer during discharge karma. One such path is that of Akram Vignan…

Akram Vignan, the step-less path to Self-Realization:

Until one has not discovered really ‘Who am I?’

  • the wrong belief of the real Self remains, due to which one continues to charge new karmas.
  • in every single action, thought or speech one is constantly binding Karmas by wrongly claiming, ‘I am doing’! Really, thoughts are coming from mind. And we are not the mind, speech or body. We are separate from it. Yet we become the ‘doer’.

So, the cycle of charge and discharge of karma continues until we know who am I.

When one attains the knowledge of the Soul through Akram Vignan, one stops sowing new karmas. Furthermore, the karmas which have already been sown will not hurt us as much now, regardless of how difficult they may seem. This is the outcome of knowing ‘I am a Pure Soul.’

Since the Soul is completely separate from the body and also from everything that is related to the body such as pain, suffering and misery, never for a second does the Self–Soul suffer the effects of the body and the mind.

The Soul, by its nature, only Knows and Perceives the effects of the Karma on mind and body. For example, if you are watching a movie wherein you have played the role of the main actor, and a sad scene unfolds wherein the actor is in deep pain. Although on the scene, it is seen that you, as the actor in the movie, are undergoing deep pain, but really you do not suffer one bit of pain, isn’t it? Because really you are totally separate, and are only seeing and knowing what’s occurring in the film.

In the same way, after attaining Self-Realization, in your worldly life, karmas will continue to unveil, but you as the Soul (the real Self) will only know what is happening and will comprehend the intensity of pain, but will not be affected by it at all.

Hence one must, on a priority, look forward to attaining Self-Realization. And until one does so, one must continue to dedicate themselves to God. Through one’s commitment to God, enormous merit karma will be accumulated, which will help us endure bad Karmas with equanimity, and it will move us closer to our Soul too.

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