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May 24, 2023

No Coincidences

Recently, a client asked me if I believe in coincidences. She had a synchronistic story and wasn’t sure what to make of it.

I told her that I see them as a sign we’re on the right path, if nothing else. They’re a nudge from the universe to keep going.

Sometimes they’re small, other times they drop your jaw and leave you speechless — Like what happened to me on Saturday.

Divine Timing

With gratitude for walking again, I was strolling through the park and decided to call a friend.

A few days prior, we chatted for the first time in a year. Since he spoke of challenges he was facing, I wanted to check in to see how he was doing.

As I sat on a bench, I realized the waterfall in the background was too noisy for a phone call.

I continued down the park’s path, scanning the benches, but nothing felt right: too much sun or shade, or not excluded enough. The benches that looked good were all taken.

Finally, I found my bench, at the end of a baseball field and far away from park-goers. I sat down and took my phone out when I heard a loud BEEP, BEEP, BEEP.

A man in the outfield was waving a metal detector. I never saw this here before–weird.

The pervasive sound forced me out of my chair, and I continued my search. I scoped out the remaining benches and I saw one in the distance, at the edge of the park.

Something in me knew it was the one. I met someone there only days prior, so it felt right.

I sat down and what I saw on the bench made my heartbeat skip.

The bench was dedicated in memory of my friend’s Grandpa.

Yes, the friend I was going to call.

What in the actual F***!

I’m looking for a place to speak with someone and get re-routed through the park so I’m sitting on the bench honoring his deceased Grandpa?


It gets better.

I text him and say that his Grandpa is watching out for him.

He responds, “GTFO.” We then get on a phone call — he tells me he was just talking about his Grandpa during that same time.

Synchronicity? Coincidence?


That’s Divine — Mystery — Awe.

I’m not trying to prove anything. We all make meaning out of life, hopefully, in a way that supports us.

When something like this happens, ie, a sign from the deceased, seeing the same numbers, running into people at the right time, whatever it is… I find it’s best not to “figure it out.” Instead, we should let ourselves use it as a reminder that:

We are supported
We are guided
We are cared for

What was it about the other benches that didn’t feel right to me?

As we keep trusting our inner compass, more “coincidences” find us. We put ourselves on the path and allow life to live through us.

All the great teachings, in some way, tell us BE NOT AFRAID.

Coincidences remind us to let go, and let God.

Keep trusting your path.

There are unseen forces guiding you forward — Angels among you.

You are supported

You are guided

You are cared for

Don’t ever forget it.

I send you so much love.

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