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May 2, 2023

Six Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Long-Term Relationship

Relationships can be between husband-wife, parent-child, friends, colleagues or cousins. Relationships, if disturbed, can snatch our and opposite person’s mental peace, eventually leading to misunderstandings and conflicts.

Maintaining any relationship, especially if it is for long term, demands a good level of understanding, adjustments and the will to make it better. So, let’s discuss some amazing tips, a few of which are unfolded by Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, to make relationships long lasting and better!!

1. Self love

Well, this is the most basic but essential principle in life. If you love yourself, then definitely you will be able to love others unintentionally. Not being at peace with yourself or putting yourself down in your own eyes leads to unwanted inner disturbance; which in turn creates a lots of expectations from the opposite person, harboring conflict. So, love yourself endlessly, for how you see others is your own reflection to the world.

2. Trust

Trust is the foundation of the pyramid called relationship. Distrust for the opposite person not only disrupts the relationship but also sends those subtle vibes to him/her that you don’t hold faith in him. Trust doesn’t mean blind faith. It just means that you have given enough space and regard to the opposite person in order to believe in what he/she does. Inner trust sends strong positive vibes to the opposite person, making him realize about your regard for him/her, thereby allowing exchange of trust both ways.

3. Adjust Everywhere

This is the most practical tip to be applied in any relationship. Adjusting with the close relation’s nature strengthens us to adjust with any person in the world. Sometimes it comes on our ego that why should I adjust all the time? But scientifically, it is moulding and strengthening us to understand and grow with anybody, with calm and peace maintained within.

4. Avoid conflicts

Avoiding conflict is the most scientific and smart way to have a long term relationship, be it at any level. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan tells us that by getting into a conflict, we are causing harm to the other person, and this will have a reactionary effect in the form of him harming you back. If the vicious cycle does not end, it ruins the relationship. So whenever there are problems between you and the opposite person, instead of playing the blame game, have a frank talk, with both of you listing out your expectations for each other. This way, you will avoid conflicts and will make your relationship a happy and long-lasting one!!

5. Honesty and communication

This means that you have an open communication with your closed one about whatever you feel for any situation related to you or to him/her. Instead of assuming things for the opposite person, it is better to speak your heart out so that he/she has an open clarity about your intentions. This also grows the relationship.

6. Feeling the connect

Well, this is the most obvious tip that feeling a warm connect with the other person and maintaining it is the worthwhile way of making a long term relationship work.

We can also read “LIFE WITHOUT CONFLICTS” and for marital relationships, we can read “HARMONY IN MARRIAGE”.  These are short books by Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan wherein we can get solutions to our problems in detail.

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