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May 29, 2023

This humble kitten can teach us about changing our lives.

A tiny, wobbly kitten, with a fuzzy head and wide-eye determination as it walks to its destination.

“I am on My way to start violence.”

We share more in common with this baby feline than we think.

Many of us are novices when it comes to self-respect and personal empowerment. We can often feel as weak, fragile, and ill-equipped as this kitten.

Who could ever possibly take us seriously? How could we have the conviction to make major life changes?

So much doubt. So much fear.

There’s a scripture which speaks about having faith the size of a tiny mustard seed; that, supposedly, would be all the faith we need (Matthew 17:20; Luke 17:5-6).

It’s a similar premise with this kitten, but the kitty is a much cuter, fluffier option.

It is baby kitten step by baby kitten step. There can be tremendous power and growth as we resonate with the humble kitten.

Let’s break up the determined statement, shall we?

“I am…”

It begins with these two tiny words. At first glance, our little fuzzy-headed kitten looks adorable. We can easily write it off as such.

And how many of us have been, likewise, so dismissed? Maybe someone even saw our earnestness and effort as “cute.”

Nothing more than that.

No such thing as hard work, intelligence, talent, sturdy personal character.


We were just reduced to “cute.”

Therefore, what we can take away from this little kitten’s sentiment and matching prowl is the power of self-validation. This fuzzy baby is not waiting for anyone else’s approval.

This kitten has decided, “I am.”

This kitten has decided to go places and do things.

Because. “I am.”

Behold, the humble baby feline makes this statement to itself. Let’s learn to do likewise.

“…on my way…”

The kitten doesn’t have an extensive or sophisticated vocabulary. No need.

This little one isn’t taking into consideration the gradual, step-by-step nature of life’s journey. There’s no thought of the word and concept, “process.”

Yet, the kitten is very much “in process,” all the same.

We can quickly cancel any progress or achievements we experience, all because they don’t happen right away. There’s an impatience when it comes to putting in the time, effort, and deliberate intention to something.

Most of the time, no, it’s not instant.

It is a case of being “on my way.” We don’t know where we are within that process.

One decision follows another. It may take days, weeks, months, years… a lifetime.

But there is a destination. We are getting there. We are.

This kitten reminds us of that.

“…to start…”

Before any journey, any process, there is the moment of starting. The kitten made its decision. It doesn’t need to be aware of the decision. It is still starting something, nonetheless.

The new beginning. Challenging what’s possible.

We don’t know how scared or uncertain the kitten is. The little guy is new to walking. Maybe there’s a wobbly unsteadiness with each step. Maybe the kitten is afraid of big, frightening creatures coming to get it. Maybe there’s no mother cat in sight, reassuring its trek across the room.

Still, the kitten decides “to start.”

There’s something formidable in that.

Be formidable like the kitten.


Okay, so it’s a bit of a stretch to advocate bloodshed.

This tiny kitten probably doesn’t have murder in its heart. But there is some call to action, isn’t there?

Drastic change. Healthy change. Self-acceptance. Transformation decision.

That’s more of the stuff behind the determined kitten’s mentality. Something WILL get accomplished here.

Sometimes, that conscious, deliberate course of action appears to resemble a kind of violence.

But it’s not about hurting ourselves or others. It’s about dramatic action. It’s the spark. It’s that moment where we reason enough is enough.

The goal, the change becomes more important to us than our old familiar ways.

Looking at the tiny kitten, what comes up for each of us?

What is that action? What is that change that calls to us?

How will we go about realizing it?

The Kitten is a Teacher.

One of the most powerful reasons this adorable kitten personally resonates for us is because of its “least likely” appearance. The kitten “looks” helpless. The kitten “looks” weak. The kitten “looks” incapable.

But yes “looks” can be deceiving.

We are like that kitten, in numerous ways.

Things like being bullied. Overcoming abuse. Surmounting personal, physical, financial, and spiritual issues. That is each one of us. Others may size us up and decide we are hopeless, ineffective, and inconsequential.

Do we agree?

What kind of kitten are we?

This kitten is, indeed, a “least likely” kind of role model and mentor.

Yet we can look beyond the surface. We can get to a higher place.

If a kitten can do it, we can too.

Copyright © 2023 by Sheryle Cruse


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