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May 26, 2023

What should you do if you have an idea of what your purpose of life is?

Well, when you have an idea of your purpose of life, the job is half-done!

Yet, the basic and important step to achieve anything is ‘a strong conviction’. For this, you need to ascertain how far your idea of purpose of life is actually right.

A Checklist to ascertain whether the Purpose of Life is Right:

  • Am I sure that attaining this purpose will not hurt anybody?
  • Will it give happiness to me and those around me?
  • If I achieve it, will I be satisfied?
  • Will the happiness that I get from it last forever?

If the answer to all the above questions is ‘Yes’, you can go ahead and make this purpose a strong ‘Goal’ that you really want to achieve in life. This will help rivet your focused attention onto achieving your purpose of life.

What should you do to achieve your purpose of life?

  1. Strong Decision: Once you make your purpose of life as your goal, have a strong decision now that you really want to achieve this purpose, ‘Come what may’.
  2. Clarity of path: A tree climber first throws an anchor onto a tree. When the anchor fixes itself tightly at the destination, the rope shows a stable path to the climber to climb the tree. Similarly, when your Goal is fixed, the path to achieve it begins to be seen. This helps you take your steps forward and as you do that, opportunities leading towards your destination start knocking at your door.
  3. Do not stop; keep moving with an eye on the goal. Difficulties may come and it could compel you to even taken a diversion at times, but what is important is one way or the other, you get to your destination. Always observe the circumstances that come your way. This will help you determine what is a more suitable and feasible option for you right now. For example, the path to your goal is straight. But when you find that the straight path is blocked, you try to see whether there is a feasible way available on the right or left, and sometimes you may even have to take a back step, isn’t it? It just does not matter because your aim is to reach your goal!
  4. Be positive: Throughout the journey towards achieving the goal, ‘Be Positive’. There are obstacles on every path. But successful people are those who turn negative into positive; who turn an obstructing rock into a stepping stone. So, never lose faith in yourself and the Lord.
  5. Take guidance from experienced people: You can, and must avail of help and guidance from the experienced persons in that particular field; especially when you think that your vision is blocked or you find yourself in some doubt with respect to your goal. They are experts, for they have explored this path in and out, and hence are aware of all the pitfalls and the black holes that exist on the way. Therefore, they can steer you very easily and safely towards your destination.
  6. Be equipped with skills: Just as a mountaineer ensures that he has all that is required in order to climb like, food, water, anchor, rope, etc.; you too should be equipped with all the skills required to achieve your goal. For example, I may know a little bit of painting. But when I have made it my aim to become a renowned painter, I should assess myself and know my strengths and weaknesses, and should be ready to master the skills by all means.
  7. Always put a ‘comma’ to the skills learnt: Never harness the opinion that ‘I know everything’, as this thought puts a ‘full-stop’ to your learning process. It is good to put a ‘comma’ i.e. ‘I know this much and I have to learn more’. Learning is a never-ending process. Hence, always remain humble and keep improving your skills.
  8. Remind the Goal to yourself often: Ensure that the zeal you had while setting the goal is maintained throughout. There is a possibility of laziness and/or other diversions to creep in. Check them out and keep reminding the Goal to yourself daily.
  9. Accept the situation and Have Patience: Every day is not the same. Someday you may feel that you have progressed a lot, and another day, you may feel like nothing is moving. Have patience! Accept the demotivating situations, with the faith that it has come, only to go. Just like, when there is a tide, we bow down; but we rise again, once the tide leaves. Similarly, when situations do not favor, take a break. Do not push too very hard during such times. Relax; enjoy with friends and family, and come back to work, later. You will find that your mind has got fresh and in the meanwhile, the negative situation has left. Having patience, things work very well.
  10. Do Yoga/Exercise: Eat well, sleep well and do not forget to smile. Exercise/Yoga every day. Just as a good vehicle helps us reach the destination safely and speedily; similarly, our body and mind too are a vehicle, which if in good condition takes us to destination safely, speedily and in a happy mood.
  11. Connect your Self to the Supreme: When you are in a constant process of working towards your goal, you may get stressed out and sometimes feel lost. So, it is important to connect yourself to the Divine. When you realize who you really are, how much bliss is there within you, you will find the permanent happiness in life and the real purpose of life gets fulfilled. To know more, please visit
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