June 6, 2023

4 Tips to Help you Stop Procrastinating.


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One of the biggest things I think can help us when we find ourselves procrastinating is to understand why we’re procrastinating.

There’s always a reason.

For me, it’s usually because whatever I want to do feels too big or overwhelming or I’m not sure how to do it or where to start. It could also be because I don’t want to do whatever it is and would prefer not to do it.

Once I started to observe myself and understand why I would procrastinate, it made it easier to do whatever it was that I was avoiding.

For example, if something feels too big or overwhelming, I’ll think more in terms of “baby steps.” What’s one small thing I can do to move in the direction of it? If it’s something I don’t want to do, I’ll remind myself about why I have to do it or how (great) I’ll feel when it’s done.

Here are four tips on how to stop procrastinating:

Here are the four tips listed in the video:

1. The reason

2. Self-efficacy

3. Forgiveness

4. Anti-procrastination techniques


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Read 2 comments and reply

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