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June 30, 2023

Are our souls a source of energy?

Yes, the Soul is infinite energy!

Infinite Energy is an innate natural quality of the Soul that will never change

We all are really a Soul! The Soul is an eternal element, it is immortal, immiscible, and invisible; it is still; it never hurts nor is hurt by anyone – there are various such properties of the Soul. And

  • infinite Knowledge,
  • infinite Vision,
  • infinite Energy and
  • infinite Bliss

are the prime four attributes of the Soul!

The Enlightened One explains:

The Soul is infinite energy. Energy means not the energy to lift weight or to push things. That energy is called physical strength, then there is mental strength, and the power of speech. And this is the energy of the Soul.

Energy of the Soul means what?

It means to see all of the body, mind and speech (infinite vision being one of the properties of the Soul); and in this seeing, the Soul sees them, yet does not get absorbed in any of them (not getting one with it that, ‘I am doing this task, I am thinking this or I am speaking this’). So, that strength to not get involved in any of them is called energy. It is the Gnan energy (the power of knowledge), it is the Darshan energy (the power of vision). That awareness to remain separate (from the mind, body, speech and everything) – it is due to the energy of the Soul that one is able to remain separate.

Therefore, it is said, “I am infinite energy!… The objects to be known are of infinite type, the knowledge is of infinite type, the illusory attachments are of infinite type, but with one’s own energy of the Soul, one is able to remain separate amidst all of them!!!

The Energy is Infinite, but has got covered under the Veils of Ignorance

The Soul has infinite energy. However, it is covered by the layers of ignorance, due to which one is not aware of the Self (that I am a pure Soul), one is not aware of one’s own energy and its authority.

Gnani (the Enlightened One) alone can break these coverings and release the power energy. How? – let’s learn about it from the following conversation that one of the spiritual seekers has had with Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan…

QuestionerDoes the Soul have infinite energy (shakti)?

DadashriYes, but that energy should manifest through a Gnani Purush. Just as when you went to school to learn, your knowledge was already there within you, but the teachers brought it to light. In the same way, from the Gnani Purush, your energies will arise. There is infinite energy, but it lies deep within. We expose those energies for you. There is tremendous energy lying within. Not just in you, but such energy lies in every living being. However, what can one do when there are layers and layers of coverings that cover it up?

Until the Soul is covered with veils of ignorance, it is called Jivatma. This signifies the state of ignorance, the living being is in. And when all coverings shed off, the Soul is called Parmatma. This signifies the Absolute stage of pure Soul. So, the same Soul is Jivatma until it is in the state of ignorance, after Self-Realization, it becomes Antaratma having the knowledge of the Self, and the same Soul, upon attaining the Absolute state is called Parmatma.

Many, who have met the Gnani Purush and through His grace, have attained Self-realization, and in His shelter, they eventually progress, and ultimately attain the Absolute state. It’s our ardent desire that, ‘May everyone happen to meet Gnani, and with His grace, their Soul’s energy manifests!’

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