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July 3, 2023

Can karma be transferred from one life to another through reincarnation?

Yes, that is how it is; our karma get transferred from one life to another at the time of reincarnation

The Enlightened One explains:

Whatever we are seeing (or experiencing) in our present life through the five senses, the physical body, etc. is all a result of our past life’s karma.

There are three ‘charged’ batteries – the mind, speech and body – at the time of a person’s birth

A person’s karmic account (karma) is exhausted through these three batteries.

These batteries begin to discharge (present their effect) in the womb and continue to do so throughout life. The effect finally comes to an end with death. When the effect of these batteries comes to an end, it is death. These batteries will last until death. However, while these batteries are discharging, new batteries for the coming life are being charged simultaneously. In this manner, the charge (of karma) and discharge (of karma) continue to take place.

The charging (of karma) takes place because of the person’s ignorance of his real Self

While we are suffering the results of our past life’s karma (the discharge karma), at that time, ‘I am John (please insert your name here), I did this’ – such belief gets created due to our ignorance regarding ‘who am I’.

Since the belief is wrong, karmic atoms (karma) get charged. The atoms charged throughout the life are collectively called ‘causal body’.

Based on the ‘causal body’, one gets next life (reincarnation)

Based on the karmas one has bound, one can go into any of the four life-forms. For example:

  • If we have (excessively) hurt someone or hated someone, then our next life could be in the animal life-form.
  • And if one follows humanity, then one will get the next life back in human life-form.
  • If one spends the entire life for the happiness of others, then one may go to the celestial life-form.
  • And if for no reason, one causes immense harm to others, even commits grave violence, then one could even have to go to hell life-form.

These are the four types of life-forms.

The karma get transferred from one life to another through one’s causal body

The causal body is in the form of a covering over the Soul. Depending on the causal body i.e. based on the type of karma one has charged, one will have to go to the respective life-form.

So, when the last breath is going on, at that time, the Soul, with this causal body and the electrical body, stretches and becomes long. And just like a magnet pulls an iron pin towards it, similarly, the parents pull the causal body. The atoms in the causal body are such that they have a karmic account with the next life’s parents charged into them. Therefore, the causal body gets attracted to that place only and according to the causal body, one’s birth takes place (reincarnates) at those parents’ place.

When the mother’s ovum and the father’s sperm unite, this union becomes the food of the new living being. One absorbs it, and at the same moment, life comes in. Then, slowly, slowly, the growth takes place – two hands, two legs, etc. crop up, the entire body is formed, and after nine months, the birth takes place.

When the food, that of the union in the womb, is absorbed; at that very moment, the causal body gets converted into effective body. Effect means no one has to do anything in it. So, the effective body then, on its own, on meeting the required circumstances of food and water, begins to grow.

The vicious cycle of birth and death – reincarnation – ends upon attaining Self-Realization

As long as the wrong belief of, ‘I am John, I did this’ prevails, attachment and abhorrence continue to occur, giving rise to new causes (karma). Once this wrong belief is replaced with the right belief, ‘I am pure Soul’, then attachment and abhorrence, and consequently new causes cease to occur.

So, due to ignorance, one is binding karma and is constantly wandering in the four life-forms. If one stops binding karma and finishes all the old karma effects, then one attains liberation. Therefore, to attain liberation, one must obtain the knowledge of the Self (Self-Realization).

Through Akram Vignan, we can attain Self-Realization in a matter of two hours only, where Gnani, the Enlightened One, with his divine spiritual powers, directly gives us the experiential knowledge of the Self. So come, let’s go to the Gnani asap, and with His grace, put a full-stop to creating new karmas in life. When new karma won’t be there, the need to transfer the karma from one life to another also wouldn’t arise!

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