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July 11, 2023

What is our purpose, why are we hustling everyday, what do we want to achieve?

Every morning we wake up with the hope to do something, to achieve something.

Right from childhood, our parents are after us to make us learn to sit without support at the right age, and then to make us stand, walk, talk appropriately at the right time, and so on. When we successfully learn all the basic skills, we are pushed to the school to learn bigger lessons.

Every day we have a target to achieve – the target to wake up, have breakfast, get ready and reach school on time. Even before we can pat ourselves for reaching first and grabbing the best seat, the next targets pop up. We have to complete all the classwork, then homework, and then work to get good grades.

After school, college comes with its own targets. Every target here is aimed at a bright career. We cannot secure a good job unless we have earned good grades and have developed the requisite skills. People around us keep saying that, “Hustle up in studies or else you’ll remain jobless.”

Finally, we passed out. The new hustle then is to get a job that suits our caliber. We succeeded in getting one. Yet the hustle continues, now to find a suitable life-partner! We find the right match, and in a couple of years have children too. We soon have a warm family to look upto, a good friend-circle to mingle with, a comfortable house to live in, an established job that makes us feel proud of, a stable income to sustain our present as well as future needs. Yet, we are still hustling every day.

What is the reason behind this? Why are we restless all the time? Let us understand this more profoundly.

Imagine, one cold evening, we are out and owing to certain circumstances, we lost our way home. As the night advances and the cold worsens, we start shivering. We look around for shelter, and after a few hours try to find some food so that we can sustain through. When we manage to get what we need, we feel happy about it. But are we content with it? No! How can we? We have not yet found the way to our home! Our restlessness will continue to persist until we are back home, safe and sound.

Similarly, in reality, we are away from our ‘Real Home’. This is the root cause of all our unhappiness and restlessness in life. And hence, the ultimate purpose of our life is to reach back home.

When we attain Self-realization, although our worldly life remains as it is as far as our work, family, material comforts, and so on are concerned, but internally, we are contented and peaceful. We experience internal bliss as we now know that really ‘who am I?’ We know the way to our real home now!

The Soul is our real home! Let’s know some more about it.

Soul is one of the six eternal elements, and hence it has neither a beginning nor an end. However, its journey into this world begins when it comes out of its dormant stage and the evolution process takes place from a one-sensed living being up to a five-sensed living being as per Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Thereafter, when the five-sensed human being comes into being, the intellect and ego so develop that intentions arise. Human life is the only form where one can bind karmas based on their good and bad intentions. Based on the intensity of the good or bad intentions, one takes life as a celestial being, human, animal or as a hellish being.

This way, our cycle of life and death continues in the four kingdoms. Is there a way to come out of this wandering?

Yes, there is! All this wandering started from the point we came out of our ‘Home’. The solution thus is to go back to our ‘Real home’. But who will show us the way to our home?

The One who has already reached the destination can show us the way. A Gnani Purush is the One who has attained Self-Realization and can make others realize the Self.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan attained Self-realization in 1958, and He could enlighten others too. Before He passed away, He blessed Pujya Niruma and Pujya Deepakbhai Desai with divine, spiritual powers. Pujya Deepakbhai is the living Gnani, with whose grace, we can experience the Pure Soul upon attaining Self-Realization. When we experience the Pure Soul, our inner hustling shall cease, as the purpose of our life is achieved then.

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