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July 24, 2023

What is the benefit when more people pray for a cause?

To score well in the exam, to get what we desire, to end a fight with a friend, to avoid getting scolded by parents or teachers after making a mistake, to quickly get over a sickness, or even say to stop the rain ☺ – what is one thing that we always do?

We pray, isn’t it?

Prayer means to bow down to the Lord and to humbly request Him for help in whichever matter is needed. If one prays with all their heart and with full concentration, then it surely reaches Lord and they get the result.

When We Pray For Others, It Reaps Even Greater Results

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being, illustrates:

“One man prays to God every day, ‘Oh Lord! Make me happy, make me happy’, and another man, when he prays, he says, ‘Oh Lord! Let everyone in my family be happy.’ ‘My family’ includes the latter as well. The second man will be the happier of the two, while the first man’s plea goes to waste. You have the inner intent for the world’s salvation, and therefore you are also included in that salvation.”

Nevertheless, after praying one should hold faith that the right doors will open up at the right time

By praying, we are surrendering our aspiration in the lotus feet of God, the Almighty. Therefore, after praying, one should never worry!

Param Pujya Dadashri explains, “The person who does not have faith in God will worry. If you truly had faith in God, you would leave everything to him and sleep soundly. Who would worry like that? So, have faith in God. Wouldn’t God be listening to what you say?” Worries arise when there is a perpetual sense of, ‘I am the one who has to do.’ Here, Lord Krishna has said, “Why do you worry, Krishna will do what is required.”


The Mega Power of Collective Prayers

One surely receives what they pray for, if their prayer is true. When someone else also prays for them, obviously the strength of the prayer enhances much more. And when many people pray for the same thing, obviously, the strength in that prayer increases multi-fold. Hence, when more and more people pray for the same cause, a miracle is set to happen!!! That prayer is surely heard!

Can I share with you some of my experiences here?

Since childhood, at home, we had a rule of praying to God upon waking up every morning. My grandparents would sit across, in the temple, with hands together. My parents would join them and so would we – everyone together praying to God for the well-being of every living being in this world.

I remember one instance when my father was seriously ill, and no medicines were actually helping him. I was a little girl then. My elder family members were doing all they could in an attempt to fight the given situation, but it looked like all in vain. One day, I was in the neighbourhood, and I don’t know what occurred in me; but I just held onto the pallu of the saree of granny there, and asked, “Granny, please do something and save my father!” The old granny immediately called for all her family members and asked me to go and call the members of mine. When we all assembled, she had already started to chant the name of God. We all joined her, and after around 50 minutes, we concluded the prayer session and all of us went to Papa’s room. Dad was not aware of what we had done, but he was eager to let us know that suddenly, he was feeling much better and is now confident that he shall recover. I was astonished to see that scene! ‘Such miraculous power the collective prayer holds?’…

Therefore, Gnani urges us to allocate at-least 10-15 minutes to praying for others, praying for every living being in this world. Gnani says, if possible, daily, and especially when the world is facing some calamity or a deadly disaster, do pray to God that, ‘May peace restore soon in the world, and may God give strength to every victim to fight through these difficult times with courage and equanimity, and may each one soon come out of their miseries.’

The Impossible Becomes Possible With the Help of Gnani, The Enlightened One’s Prayers

I have witnessed this myself on a number of occasions. Gnani’s prayers are a powerhouse – from nothing, it has the power to bring about everything!!!’


To understand the science, let’s comprehend the following conversation of Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan with one of the seekers…

Questioner: If it does not rain in our country, then people pray, so then, it starts to rain. What is this? Can you explain this?

Dadashri: Yes, it is such that praying is a nimit (aiding instrument) in that. If the right nimit prays, then it may even rain. This is Scientific Circumstantial Evidence. You should harbor the intention that, ‘The time is right; it will be nice if you come.’ You should harbor that much intention.

Questioner: If there has been an earthquake or riot or a natural disaster anywhere, then if we sit here and pray, “Oh God! May there be peace there and please do something to help everyone,” then does that prayer reach them or is it baseless?

Dadashri: No, it reaches. It reaches, and if you harbour the intention that, ‘May these people suffer,’ then even that reaches. If it is heartfelt, then it will reach. It depends on whether there is honesty and purity within.

Questioner: If it is a true, complete prayer from deep within, if it is with unity of the antahkaran (the mind-intellect-consciousness-ego), then does it have any effect on a person who is sick?

Dadashri: It will give result, but it will only give result if the person is that pure. The most important thing is purity; purity of the heart is a very significant matter. A pure heart! (One whose) heart becomes completely pure is called God.

Gnani’s heart is absolutely pure. He is like the Living God on Earth!!! Therefore, his prayers work the most.

And the most important thing for you to know here is a living Akram Gnani is right amongst us, from whom we can attain Self-Realization in a matter of just two hours only. Self-Realization is the first step towards Godhood. If we attain the grace of this Living Gnani, then we too can get on this path of being pure as Him. So shall we??

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