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August 7, 2023

Do we really have an Inner Self or something like that (Spiritual)?

Yes, we do have an inner Self! And you are right, it is the spiritual Self.

While we are identified in this world through our name and body, that is a transient identity which remains ours for only one life. So who am I on a permanent basis? When this question arises within a person’s mind, and his quest to know this truth grows stronger, one reads books, attends satsangs, talks with saints and Gurus, and tries to fathom the real answer. The knowledge, that he gathers from various sources outside, invokes in him a desire to search for this truth within. And thus he goes searching deep within to search inside his Self, the real Self.

No doubt one’s quest is genuine, and also the knowledge that one has been able to gather may be totally authentic, but that which cannot be completely described in words by anybody nor can it be seen with physical eyes by us, how do we find it? And whatever we think we’ve found, how do we confirm and verify that this indeed is the right ‘Self’ that we’ve been searching for?

So, it’s a tough ordeal… Indeed!

But what if we happen to meet One who has experienced the Self himself and has the capability to make us experience it too?!

The Enlightened One explains:

When you get proper guidance, you will reach your destination of pure Soul (the real Self). It is the easiest way to get Self-Realization from One who has realized it. An Enlightened person can enlighten your pure Soul.

Suppose there is a kid of three years old. He wants to learn A, B, C, D, …. 1, 2, 3. He can’t do it himself. Even if you give him a notebook and a pencil, he will just make a line. But he doesn’t know this is one and what is two. Somebody must make him realize this is one, this is two. Here, the teacher is required. Likewise, here (to know ‘who am I’), Self-Realized person is required. So, with the grace of the Self-Realized person, you will also get realization of the pure Soul. Once you achieve that thing, then there will not be any confusion and no doubt will remain.

This is a simple solution… From your side, you have to understand, “I don’t know about the Pure Soul. I heartily wish to get this knowledge. Please give me the knowledge of Self-Realization.” Only this much is required.”

Pure Soul is the right and permanent answer of ‘who am I

You are ‘John’ is relatively correct. But really correct is, ‘I am always permanently a Pure Soul.’ The Gnani Purush i.e. the Enlightened One, can make us experience this Soul, that is indescribable, inexpressible and not found in words with sangnya i.e. in association with Gnan. The Gnani Purush can show us, ‘This is that’ within one hour!


The quick and easy way to Self-Realization (enlightenment of the Soul) is through the grace of the Living Gnani Purush, the Enlightened One!!!

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