Ailey Jolie

Ailey Jolie is passionate about embodiment, about supporting others living fully and wholly in their body. This is mirrored in her work as a trauma therapist, yoga teacher, meditation guide, and internationally published author.

In her clinical therapy practice Ailey works with individuals who have experienced trauma and no longer feel safe in their body. She assists clients in their process of coming home to their body through somatic and mindfulness based psychotherapies. The same approaches that helped her reconnect with her body after being sexually exploited. Presently she is studying Trauma Recovery through Harvard Medical School. She is additionally working towards obtaining a second Master of Arts Degree in Depth Psychology with an Emphasis in Somatic Studies.

Ailey is the author of My Body, My Story, a memoir that chronicles her journey from sexual exploitation to full embodiment. All book profits support Our Bodies, Our Stories, a non-profit created by Jolie that assists survivors of sexual exploitation and abuse in North America.

You can find out more about her by visiting her website or following her on instagram.

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