Angela Aaron, MA LPC

Angela Aaron loves to deep dive with folks into real talk. She is an integrative psychotherapist in Boulder, CO, and is the founder of Expanding Roots Integrative Wellness. She loves working with people who are ready to say “yes” to themselves in a whole new way and live their full magic in the world. She also supports new practitioners in building and expanding their own businesses, as her biggest mission is to create a new paradigm of health and wellness that is accessible, integrative in its truest form, and actually life changing. She also utilizes Wilderness Therapy, Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy, and EMDR in her practice. She lives in the mountains outside of Boulder and loves her husband and her kitty very much. See more about Angela on her website.

Latest from Angela Aaron, MA LPC

October 15, 2019

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October 13, 2019

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