Alanna Kaivalya

Known as the “Yoga Doctor,” Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D. helps yoga teachers broaden their knowledge, up-level their skills and create more impact in the world. She gives you clear pathways to earning a living and making a difference through your spiritual practice.

Her holistic approach to yoga The Kaivalya Yoga Method, a fresh take on yoga emphasizing the individual path while honoring tradition. Teaching students since 2001, teachers since 2003, Alanna has written and developed teacher trainings worldwide for top studios and independently. In 2015, she debuted a comprehensive 500hr-online teacher training with YogaDownload.

She holds a Ph.D. in Mythological Studies with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, has authored numerous articles and three books: Myths of the Asanas, an accessible practitioner’s guide to stories behind beloved poses, and Sacred Sound, a yoga “hymnal,” illustrating the role of chant and mantra in modern practice. Her third book, Yoga Beyond the Mat, teaches modern day people how to build a personal spiritual practice through yoga.

Are you passionate about becoming best yoga teacher you can be? Start learning the skills it takes to be an alchemist of the soul right here.

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