Ana Ruiz

is a Certified Relationship Coach and works with both couples and individuals. She studied at The Relationship School with Jayson Gaddis, and at the Relational Life Institute with Terry Real. 

After too many failed relationships in her twenties and thirties, she knew she needed to figure out why she felt unequipped for a healthy long-term relationship.  She tried to find answers in books, her own therapy and attending multiple courses. Over time, she found the answers she was looking for.  This has allowed her to have a wonderful and thriving romantic relationship with a great man. 

This process led to her passion for helping other couples and individuals build relationships that sustain them over the long haul, and that are a source of strength and vitality in their lives. 

She also has a passion for healing and finding solutions to living a joyful and balanced life after being diagnosed with a serious mental illness over a decade ago.  After years of countless types of therapies and studying several healing traditions and spirituality, she has overcome her mental health issues and continues to reach higher levels of her personal human potential.

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October 8, 2019

Loving while Living with Mental Illness.