Angela Peladeau

Angie Peladeau is an independent spiritual teacher committed to personal transformation and spiritual growth through integrating all aspects of the self. Having developed her own unique modality of healing, Angie has brought together her years as a Yoga Teacher, Certified Oneness Trainer, Integrated Energy Therapist, and Caretaker of the land. Traveling around the world, studying with master teachers while learning the healing and spiritual ways of their cultures would lead her home to develop her own unique practice of Holistic Integration Therapy, a unique blend integrating the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies that exist within all of us. As an Energy Healer and Spiritual mentor she empowers her clients to release the experiences of the past which continue to hold them back today, have breakthroughs and gain new perspectives. Her practice is rooted in her experience and knowledge that both the suffering and the joy this life has to offer lies within, when we have a willingness to go within releasing what is no longer serving us, the life we have been waiting for begins. Find Angie in the squares where the images are the highlights and the words are the lessons lived and at Feather N Ferns Centre of Healing

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