Angela Wetzel

Angela Wetzel is a certified life coach niche-ing really hard in the self-love, love addiction, and codependence arena. She is also a writer, comic, and actor, who loves to use all of her skills to have fun, shock people awake, and heal others with her wisdom and sense of humor. One minute she may be telling a dirty joke, the next she may be dropping a truth-bomb.

Angela has lived about four lives already: one in the army as a Korean linguist; one being a wife in an unconscious, dysfunctional dance of reenacting generational trauma while working for the government; one pursuing acting and sketch comedy while moonlighting as a waitress; and currently combining all of these into a greater purpose through coaching and comedy.

You can find her on social media under Epic Initiator, and her website. If you’re in New York, join her Meetup group and come to one of her live events!

“I’m a life coach. I’m an emotions coach. A power coach. A performance coach. A spiritual coach. A this-isn’t-working-how-do-I-do-this-better coach. A pick-up-the-pieces-and-rise-from-the-fucking-ashes coach. A look-yourself-in-the-eye-and-vow-to-love-all-of-you coach. I’m a truth-seeker and a truth-teller. The truth is, you’re already dead. The question is, do you want to live?”

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