Wendy Miller

Wendy Miller has an extensive background as an author and business owner. She is the founder of Wendy-Miller.com, where she writes about meditation, relationships, parenting, and living life by your own rules, as well as offering private and group meditation sessions online and locally.  She thrives on helping women find harmony between all aspects of their lives so they can follow their passions while raising families, cultivating relationships and creating a life they love.

 She is a lover of personal growth and is always learning and finding new ways to be effective. She has meditated off and on for nearly two decades, becoming serious about her practice in 2012 and becoming a meditation teacher in the summer of 2018.  She offers a variety of guided meditations designed to help reduce and relieve stress, calm anxiety, find gratitude, and more.

 She believes that meditation should be the foundation of any woman’s self-care routine. Meditation creates the connection between your inner and outer worlds and allows you to understand what you need in order to feel healthy, happy and whole.

Wendy describes herself as an introvert who sometimes pretends to be an extrovert. She works as a meditation teacher, writer, and virtual assistant while also homeschooling and solo parenting. She lives in Florida with her two sons and what feels like a zoo full of animals. 

Her writing can be found on MediumThought CatalogHer Track and Elephant Journal.

She can also be found on social media: 

FB: facebook.com/WendyMillerMeditation

Twitter: @wendythewriter

IG: @wendythewriter

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