Wendy Miller

Wendy Miller is  a multi-passionate entrepreneur and the founder of Bare Feet Free Spirit.She has an extensive background as an author and business owner, and she loves helping other women find harmony in following their passions while raising families, cultivating relationships, and creating a life they love. She has learned to strike a careful balance between creativity and logic, control and freedom, detail and the big picture. She is a lover of personal growth and is always learning and finding new ways to be effective.Wendy is also a nature lover who would live at the beach if it weren’t for those pesky hurricanes. She is an introvert who sometimes pretends to be an extrovert. She’s also a single mom who homeschools her two incredible sons while also working full-time as a writer and virtual assistant and part-time as a meditation teacher. When she’s not working, she enjoys meditation, yoga, reading, relaxing with her kids and friends, and binging Hulu and Netflix (her favorite OITNB episode is the second season’s finale!).As an author and writer she writes about meditation, relationships, parenting, and living life by your own rules. Her writing can be found on Medium, Thought Catalog, Her Track and Elephant Journal.She can also be found on social media: FB: facebook.com/barefeetfreespiritTwitter: @wendythewriterIG: @wendythewriter

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February 25, 2019

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