Annie R. Towns

Annie R. Towns is a former Ele-pprentice and Teaching Assistant for Elephant Academy at Elephant Journal. She is currently a Columnist for Elephant Journal, writes for Cowgirl Magazine, self-publishes occasionally through Medium, writes music and poetry and has a book of poetry & prose coming out in 2020.


Annie is of Native American Ancestry — Eastern Band of Cherokee. She is a single mom who works both publicly and is self-employed, covering aspects of both the healthcare industry and alternative healing methods. Annie also specializes in social media marketing and advertising. You can connect with Annie on Konversai, through her private practice or her marketing company.


Annie was raised on a farm & ranch in western Oklahoma. She has a soft spot for horses and Bison. She loves the smell of pinion wood. She likes things that are wild, elusive, rare. She loves peonies, lilac, cedar trees, juliet roses and wild sage. She’s spiritual, deep—an old soul. Annie enjoys spending time with her children, looking at the stars and the moon, porch sitting, winter camping, sunrise watching, sunset chasing, and a hot cup of plantain or chaga tea, near the warmth of a roaring campfire.


She’s connected to Nature— in a natural and earthy spiritual sense. She loves rain & thunderstorms. The first thing Annie notices about someone is their eyes. She likes to read. She loves to write. She’s one of a kind; “a horse of a different color”.

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