Sheldon Pickering

Sheldon Pickering is a composer/performer who strives to convey peace, joy, and inspiration though the music he creates and shares. He was asked by a studio engineer what he was going to be doing on a project and why. His answer was, “I don’t know.” At this point, Sheldon realized he had separated his art from any particular agenda and that he does it simply because he loves to do it. Music brings him immense joy and peace and if he can share those feelings with those fortunate to hear his music then it “adds to the fun.”

Sheldon resides in New Mexico with his lovely wife and four beautiful children. He considers himself extremely blessed to have been able to return the priceless gift of adoption to two of his children. When he isn’t working or performing he can be found traveling, riding bikes, and exploring the immense every day joys of this life with his family.

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