Denise Boehler

Speaking out on behalf of animals is what Denise Boehler was born to do. She inherited her father’s voice and passion for nonhuman animals, and has spent a lifetime cultivating ways to refine, deepen, and inform herself on the best way to do so. She believes in the empowerment of women everywhere, and that women are specifically gifted to sing their best songs on behalf of Nature.

Her Masters in Ecopsychology infuses her world view on how best to speak on behalf of the four-legged and winged ones. Her life revolves around animals and the world in which they live, how to help make their lives better and hers in return.

She believe in moments out in the beauty of nature, to expand the boundaries of her limited mind and to hear the voice within. She loves challenging herself with the mountains in which she is blessed to live, traveling beyond her borders to experience life at large, and cultivate gratitude for the life she has been given.

If you’d like to get in touch with her, send her a note on Instagram or via LinkedIn.

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