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BJ Galvan is a globe traveling, Certified Anusara® Yoga instructor with a heart-felt intention to serve Spirit in the highest. BJ shines the vision of Anusara Yoga from Israel to Australia, South Dakota to Argentina, lighting up hearts and communities around the world. Fully engaged in the currents of Grace as Life, BJ makes the high teachings accessible to people living everyday lives in embodiment, and has a great time doing it! A “professional mom” for 30+ years, with a background as a professional mainstream career woman, Hypnobirthing® practitioner, Reiki Master and more, BJ embodies the virtues of a householder yogini living in the world practicing Shiva-Shakti Tantra in the Anusara yoga tradition. Humbly filled with gratitude and love, she is honored for the privilege to share the wisdom teachings of Grace that her teachers John Friend, Douglas Brooks and all the others have so graciously and generously blessed her. Heart Core Yoga.

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