Simon Lovell

From severe bullying, alcohol, smoking, drugs, gambling, and $50k of debt to making millions, Simon Lovell got everything he thought he wanted and realised he still was not truly happy or fulfilled.

He kept on asking, “is this it?”

He spent much of his life working on everything externally until he started to go deep inside to take a serious look at what was causing his pain and suffering. He ended up clearing all of his addictions, reaching fulfilment, and going through a profound spiritual awakening when he reached inner peace and joy like never before.

Because of this, he is now committed to helping people live a life that is 100 percent true to what their heart and soul is calling for.

He is a master of getting his clients aligned to their highest calling. Founder of The Modern Spiritual Man, Simon mentors those that need help through their journey—from stressed to calm, from stuck to aligned, and from superficial to deep—using his remarkable process.

He loves to work with those who have reached success but are still unfulfilled, as this is the life he led before his huge shift.

Simon has a huge love for meditation after spending time in India with some of the best in the world, and always by his side is Buddha, his King Charles Cavalier puppy.

The Modern Spiritual Man supports men across the globe who are unable to get funding by donating 10 percent of all revenue via Kiva. To learn more about Simon check out The Modern Spiritual Man Podcast.

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