Brandilyn Tebo

After a tumultuous childhood, Brandilyn Tebo began a lifelong journey of studying transformational modalities and healing arts. She is now a self-employed, world-traveling coach and healer who has helped thousands of people transform their lives and communities. Through her 1-1 coaching and all-inclusive retreats, she teaches people how to effectively metabolize challenges, step into leadership and create inspiring and impactful, heart-centered lives. She equips people with the tools to no longer be at the effect of their past, their thoughts, their emotions or their circumstances and start being the architects of their own reality. She specializes in inner child work and teaching people how to befriend every part of themselves. She published a bestselling book called “The Achievement Trap,” and has led transformational workshops in prisons, high schools, colleges, and Fortune 500 companies. She lives in Boulder, CO, has 6 siblings, has been a proud Vegan-for-the-animals for 10 years, has spent time in 22 countries, loves to sing, juice, rap, dance crazy and do yoga and is a self-proclaimed goofball. You can connect with Brandilyn through her website or Instagram.

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