Nidhi Chaitanya

Nidhi Chaitanya is a renowned philosopher. She is also a certified yoga trainer from Kassandra Reinhardt, nutrition and lifestyle expert from Stanford, certified Reiki master from Lisa Powers, neuro-flexibility researcher from Paris Brain Academy, a certified counsellor from University of Edinburgh, qualified in Philosophy & Critical Thinking from University of Queensland. She is as well a TEDx speaker & the founder of her very visionary startup: Project Self Work.  A great proponent of the idea of self-love, her first-of-its-kind live talk-show series “Conversations” brought out her extremely radical and new-age ideas of philosophical relevance in crucial topics and millennial dialogues on entrepreneurship, digitalisation, adulting, dating, drugs, parenting, education, sustainability, cannabis, egalitarianism etc. A passionate believer and practitioner of self-work, she is the lead philosopher at Project Self-Work, and stands out as a much-loved and sought-after teacher and mentor to thousands of thinkers and self-workers around the world. She understands that self-work is a multi-dimensional process and must be approached using a multi-disciplinary knowledge-base. She draws inspiration from different philosophies, examines them in the light of logic and practicality, customises and upgrades them to suit modern thinking minds, and helps individuals curate a self-work-based life and lifestyle for themselves. An avid social-media user, a brilliant poetess, and a truly powerful human being, Nidhi Chaitanya has “self-love” tattooed both on her hand and on her heart. You can see more of Nidhi on her Instagram page or website.

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October 14, 2019

10 Things I wish my Naive, Trusting, No-Boundaries Younger Self Knew.