Carol Chambers

Carol Chambers has lived a life that has been varied and interesting (at least to her) life. Decades ago, she earned two Masters Degrees in Religion and Theology. Having come to a very different place in her life, she now studies Celtic Spirituality, Native American Spirituality and Shamanism. She is a Reiki Master and Energy Healer. She retired after 30 years work in the “helping professions” including in Child Welfare, Domestic Violence, and Professional Ministry. Recently, she surprised even herself by publishing her memoir, The Journey of a Wounded Healer: The Mystical Web of Mental Illness and Spirituality. You can view that book here. Her son and daughter-in-law has gifted her with two delightful grandchildren. She lives in North Central Florida with her companion dog, Finian. Check out her Facebook page, The Tender Journey with Carol Chambers and her website. She publishes two blogs, Fondly, Maralda (messages from her spirit guides) and In Sunshine and Shadow: Bipolar and Self-Care. They can be found on her website as well. Her new adventure is publishing a regular blog on Elephant Journal.

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