Christina Lepore

Christina Lepore is a mental health worker and passionate advocate in supporting mental health initiatives and care for over 25 years. Her knowledge is exemplified through her lived experience with depression and complex PTSD. Her life’s mission is to utilize all the skills she’s mastered over the decades to help others improve their quality of life. Christina is a best-selling author in the collaborative book Courage for Freedom and is published on Elephant Journal, The Mighty, and Motherly, Scary Mommy and was a recent guest on  Shrink Rap Radio Podcast / Youtube. She is currently writing a memoir and does workshops to bring trauma-informed care to all service providers. Her life’s goal is to write and give a voice to those who cannot, by shouting from the rooftops through her written work. Christina Lepore can be contacted on Facebook on her blog Trauma Queen or personal page Facebook, Instagram, or via her website.

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