Crystal B.

Crystal B. is the Astrologist and Astro Therapist behind Crystal B. Astrology. Connect with her astrological insights on InstagramFaceBook, and YouTube. Learn more about how astrology actually works on her podcast Astro Virgins. Crystal’s office is based in the metro New Jersey/New York area but she connects with people all over the world for readings. To date, she has had consultations with people in over 30 different countries. She is also co-creator of AstroJewels, a unique jewelry range gifted from the Earth, divined by the Planets and inspired by a Global Collaboration of women. Crystal offers private and group readings, community learning, and live online astrology workshops. Astrology has always been part of her life since her dad is also an Astrologer. Sign up for her Free Monthly Newsletter and get a free 2020 Lunar Calendar. Find out more about her “Modern Astrological Insight With a Twist”, monthly horoscopes, and simple learning tools all on

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