Dawn Meredith-Davies

Dawn writes for the conscious runner – for the woman who cares less for her garmin and her strava stats than just getting out there and enjoying it, and for the man who’s willing to get in tune with his body in order to move it in the whole-body sense that powerful, positive running asks of it. And vice-versa of course…


She teaches how to Access your Running Magic and offers individual Online Movement Analysis for Runners. And she’s written a book – The Road To Becoming A Better Runner’ 


As a holistic physiotherapist, a runner and yoga teacher, Dawn writes for these runners, as well as for those whose love is their yoga mat.


But mostly she loves to write about how movement informs our health and about living in our most optimal and natural, green state of health…


She’s all about optimal movement, fabulous running, wonderful yoga and holistic health – you’ll find her online at Living Green Health or on Facebook @runbreathelivegreen


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December 7, 2018

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